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Where Green Is Greenest

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Author: the Inkslinger

Unless they’re being offered by gap-toothed late-night comedians, I’m generally not a big fan of top ten lists. Or bottom ten lists for that matter. Or really rankings of any kind. What rates, why doesn’t, and why is so subjective that most attempts to order a given subject from best to worst quickly devolve into exercises in abject absurdity for one reason or another, not the least of which is who can really know?

Still, sometimes we can learn a few general things from such lists, especially if they’re based on some kind of objective methodology (though the sceptic can always argue these, too!) So it is that we find Forbes magazine with a new ranking of the greenest states in which our fair state of Vermont ties with Oregon for the number one position. Here in the Green Mountains we’ve got a really low per-capita carbon footprint, which helped vault us to the top of this particular heap.

I’m guessing Vermonters are winning the greenstakes because so many of us heat with wood, and we’ve got to have one of the highest rates of Prius ownership in the world. (Those things are so everywhere here that my daughter and I are able to amuse ourselves on the road with a spot-the-Prius game.) We also have an official state office dedicated to promoting energy conservation that spends more per citizen on the task than any other state. And we are second only to Hawaii in terms of the least amount of toxic waste produced.

See where your state ranks and then see if you can beat us next year…