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Where To Buy Seventh Generation Hand Wash

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation has launched a new line of hand wash that offers a natural way to cleanse and refresh your hands.

Seventh Generation Hand Wash is available at select Target, Bed Bath Beyond, Christmas Tree, and Harmon stores.

Please click below to see the full list of stores:




peterthomoss picture
I really like this type of green cleaning product that is suitable for body and environment. i use Natural Hand Wash recently that is fantastic product of seven generation,
dbell picture
I love your new hand wash. I would like a refill size, any plans for one?
ajhamor picture
Love your products! Just wondering when this will be available at Whole Foods? Also, why isn't it currently available there? It seems odd that I can buy all of your other products at Whole Foods but not this...
sef78 picture
Hi Audrey, We are working on a refill for the handwash. We wanted to make sure this product was a success before developing this. We are now in the midst of finding the most responsible way to package this. We hope to have this available in the near future.
Audrey Huff picture
Audrey Huff
Is there a larger size refill available for the hand wash?
sef78 picture
Hi Barbara, I apologize about not getting to your questions earlier. Our handwash is available to any retailers that offer our products. We try to get our products in as many places as possible, it is ultimately the retailers that decide which products they offer. I would suggest chatting with the manager of your local store asking them to get the Handwash. Our Carpet Spot and Stain remover has been discontinued. We do have another product with almost the same ingredients that works as a great replacement. Our Natural Shower cleaner can be used just as the Carpet Spot and Stain remover was. I hope this helps to clear some things up, please feel free to call our Customer Service or email us anytime. Thanks, Sefton
Barbara Barry picture
Barbara Barry
BBB - please respond to my comments of 1/15/11 re avail of hand wash in Vt (Windsor County) and the elimination of the Rug Cleaner. Thank you.
Cherii picture
Thank you SO MUCH for providing your products in such a family supporting store: TARGET I am also so very glad that they "put their money where their mouth is". You've got stand your ground these days and hold on to the formulas from the old fashioned NATURAL ways cleaning solutions were made. And while you're "holding on", keep on doing the good job you all are doing by keeping your products in TARGET stores!!
Barbara Barry picture
Barbara Barry
BBB Please distribute the hand wash to Vermont/NH local stores so that locals can buy this too. Not just big box stores. I try to buy almost all local, and your products which are VT products should be available to us here in your and neighboring states. Frustrated trying to find the Rug Cleaner too in my local stores. Thank you.
Stephanie Haines picture
Stephanie Haines
It's been about a year since I first suggested that SEVENTH GENERATION ELIMINATE the picture of the product above the coupon, (since "product picture" is repeated on the coupon) thus making room on a single sheet of paper to print 2 coupons!!! (Which is the GREEN way to conserve paper!) LAST SUMMER (07/2009) you, SEVENTH GENERATION CUSTOMER SERVICES, told me that you were trying to solve this problem: a waste of paper by having to print one coupon per sheet of paper! I would think that after 365 days SEVENTH GENERATION would have been able to solve this GREEN problem! Is SEVENTH GENERATION actually trying to solve this problem, or is SEVENTH GENERATION just "saying" that they are trying to solve this problem to placate me? I like your products, & will continue to buy them, but I'm also angry & frustrated due to SEVENTH GENERATION's seemingly unjustified indifference. Sincerely, Stephanie Haines
Michelle Richardson picture
Michelle Richardson
Dear Sirs: I buy all of my Seventh Generation products at Whole Foods Market grocery stores, and would like to know when will your Hand Wash be available at Whole Foods Market? Also, I'd prefer not to shop at Target, if they have such bigoted and short-sighted ideas regarding people who live alternative lifestyles. Shame on them! Tell them to join the 21st Century where everyone should be excepted for who they are. Sincerely, Michelle C. Richardson Redwood City, CA
I am very interested in buying this product, but I'm currently boycotting Target and will continue to do so until they contribute $150K to a pro gay/lesbian organization. Sorry. I'll buy your product as soon as possible after Target gets it together.