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What's in Your Baby Products?

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation DiapersDo you know what's in your favorite baby products? At Seventh Generation, we disclose the ingredients in all our products, including our Chlorine Free Baby Diapers and Wipes.

Seventh Generation diapers are Free & Clear of chlorine, latex, and fragrance, and they offer premium fit and absorbency. Try them today!

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bconner2@satx.rr.com picture
My family and I are all adults; we love the baby wipes because they are unscented and are flushable. I have problems with rash from fragrances. Also, we have diabetes in the family which some medicines cause the bowels to be very loose. When that occurs, it is great to have these wipes. Sometimes I use them to clean the toilet seat, etc. and I just flush them down in the commode. They are great. My grocery store in San Antonio, TX is H.E.B. and they had them for about four months, but now, we don't see them. I would like to find them somewhere in San Antonio, TX!!!!!
jessiechaplin picture
I wonder if your baby wipes could also be applicable to adults? I've read a lot of great reviews for this product. I'm thinking of switching to this because the product that I am currently using gives me rashes.body glove rash guard shirts for women
Chellebelle7377 picture
We have to protect our babies. It's our job as a parent. We are their representative. We are their voice. What goes in and on our children is horribly important. Some people don't agree or just don't know any better. I try to give helpful advice by word of mouth and on my blog. I also was unaware of how bad baby/kid companies are before having children. You see all of these commercials and magazine ads and think that they know what they are talking about. They just want you to buy their product. And their product is only as safe as the administrations allow. That's not saying a lot. It's so frustrating. But with baby steps we can get everyone on board.
chrissylove picture
My poor daughter has had eczema ever since she was born. Luckily, I've always been a very careful shopper regarding ingrients & such. So we have been using your diapers & wipes for awhile now. So now I retweet your posts to help out other parents.
egilje picture
I wasn't so focused on "being green" in the past, but over the past year I've become more and more interested in learning about the options and doing what I can to convert to a more green lifestyle. I do this not just for my well being, but for the world as a whole. I am now expecting our first child in August and the desire to pay more attention to products such as these has increased tenfold. I have decided to start baby off right in natural diapers and other organic/natural products where I can. I have added the 7th Generation diapers and wipes to my registry. Recently I've also started sharing information I read about(like this blog!) with friends and family, as well as the many other pregnant women around me. Hoping to spread the word for a "greener" world!
susantrahan picture
Nothing compares to Seventh Gen. diapers. The new elastic across the back make a huge difference. As a bonus, you don't have popular characters on your diapers, just all natural! I post and share from Seventh Generation frequently to try to get the word out.
Talah picture
as a grad student and a soon to be mommy, i've been researching everything from cribs to wipes, and i must say i was SHOCKED at what was in regular diapers and everyday household items! i now spread the word on how to make your house a greener happier plan and why it's so important.
girlygreengirl picture
I have a blog [girlygreengirl.blogspot.com] where I often post about how amazing Seventh Generation products are (feminine care, dish soaps, cleaning supplies, etc.) I also use Twitter to spread the good word and frequently tweet back and forth with 7thGen staff! This starter kit will definitely come in handy.
crypticmama picture
I never thought about ingredients in diapers until I had my own kids. I've never really discussed it with anyone, I just know that I don't like seeing those little balls that get on baby's skin when she's been in a diaper all night. Grosses me out, b/c I'm not sure what's in it, and I know it's been against her skin.
divamom22 picture
love the wipes and dipes you have, but we did use cloth with our first two children
BridgettZaidi picture
I LOVE the 7th generation diapers. Since I have started using them, I've slowly changed our cleaners and paper products to 7th as well. I LOVE 7th diapers sooo much, I pass them out to my mommy friends to get them to switch. Once you use them and see how great they are, buying them is a must.
azmarry picture
I had a party to alert my friends on how to be green. I really liked hosting it and we had lots of fun. Also, it's great to help show others that it's easy to be green.
greenwell picture
Kimberly Button Green Living Consultant greenWell www.greenwellconsulting.com Get Green. Be Well. greenWell
Sparklezstars picture
I am a newbie to the "green world." I have been researching a lot and tell my friends to do the same and to make sure to read the ingredients label of all products they purchase, especially baby products. :)
ColleenMarie82 picture
I try to lead by example. Many friends and family don't understand why I choose the things I do for my baby, maybe it's because that is not the way they do it or the easiest or most convient way. But it is importnat to me and my little family so that is what matters most!
smonky picture
When my sister became pregnant with her first child, I alerted her to all the data available on the Seventh Gen website regarding how to go green with diapering etc. She was thrilled to have this info. Since then I've purchased quite a few Seventh Gen products for her to try with the new baby. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to be environmentally conscious with a new baby. Yay!
candice_moretti picture
My husband and I are due to have our first baby in a few months. We already use several Seventh Generation household products and I am thrilled to learn that there are several options for baby as well. I have already added Seventh Generation diapers and wipes to our registry from reading the great reviews of moms out there. Looking forward to passing on the Seventh Generation mission to the future generations.
katklaw777 picture
I try so hard to do right by my kids...knowing what I use on them is so important. Ingredient disclosure is a necessity and we all have a right to full disclosure! I will be sure to bring it up at my next babysitting exchange meeting and play group. Environmentally safe products are the future, too bad they couldn't have been our past too.
Dahlyla Lang picture
Dahlyla Lang
When I had my first child almost 10 years ago, I decided on cloth diapers instead of disposable. I noticed all the rashes and infections my nephew had from his disposables. I knew it would be a chore, but thankfully I received a gift for one year of diaper service as a baby shower gift. I also used his baby wash cloths as wipes. Back then there weren't many options for natural diapering. I'm glad to see how so many moms are becoming aware of the chemicals that have been used in "traditional" baby products. Many big name companies are trying to come out with natural lines of products to keep up with the growing trend. Since having my son, I discovered 7G and many other green products and I use them in my home and in my housekeeping business. Now I am expecting another baby and my fiance does not like the idea of washing cloth diapers. I explained the risks for the baby if she used diapers made with chemicals and irritants. We agreed on 7G diapers and wipes for him to use and cloth for me. We thank 7G for caring for our health, home, family and environment by making friendly products.
JellyMoons picture
As a new mother to twins I go through a lot of diapers. I am so happy that I found Seventh Generation diapers and wipes through my sister. They are gentle on my babies and I wouldn't use anything else on their delicate skin. I also have comfort knowing that the environment is being helped in the eco-friendly materials used. I belong to several mommy and twin groups and I always sing the praises of Seventh Generation products. I also have several expecting moms, whenever they get a baby gift from me it always includes a pack of Seventh Generation diapers and wipes!
Cathy Costa picture
Cathy Costa
I like to gently remind my extended family to use eco-friendly products, like Seventh Generation;I use laundry, dishsoap, cleaning supplies. Using these products makes me feel good for my family and for our home environment!
sbmomto5 picture
Every chance I get I am telling my friend, my moms group, my readers about healthy and environmentally wise choices for their children and families. Not only is it important to educate our friends and families four our children's health but we need to leave our children an environment that is healthy for them.
smphillips picture
stephmp I used 7Gen diapers and wipes for my son and now for my daughter as well. I love the fact that they are chlorine free and do not break out my children who both have sensitive skin and would get a rash from the powder scent in another brand. My sister is having the same problem of rashes with her son and I almost have her convinced that 7Gen is well worth the slightly higher price for the assurance you get in doing what is best for your baby!
Jenurich picture
We've been using 7th Gen as our disposable diaper choice for 3 years now with our twin girls, and they've never had leaking problems. They have been the perfect disposable diaper for us. We alternate them along with GDiapers, a nice hybrid option, and feel we're being a little lighter on the landfills this way. I encourage everyone I can to use these diaper options.
helenlam picture
I just had my first baby and many others I know were also pregnant so if they ate organic foods or were eco-conscious, I'd gently remind them to think the same for the diapers and other baby products they would be buying!
jdwelis picture
I've been using 7Gen products for a few years, since establishing my own household. After I got going my Mom really got interested in using green cleaners etc. I talk to my friends and family about 7Gen products mentioning not only the products themselves, but also the bigger picture of sustainability etc. I've even given 7Gen products as gifts. For baby I'll be using a mix of cloth and disposable diapers can't wait to try 7Gen diapers. Going to make sure to try other baby products available too.
hawkins43920 picture
I received a package of your diapers as a gift with my 3rd daugther who is now 1.5 I was hooked! have been using them on her since and now Im due to have my 4th a son any day now and he too will be wearing these, but the diapers was just the begining, I went to the diaper wipes, then the dishsoap then onto the laundry soap and finally onto the toilet paper and the cleaning supplies! I was amazed and wished I had found out about your products sooner
crcham picture
For #1 and #2 (2001 and 2004 respectively), I didn't know that there was anything harmful in baby products. I mean really, these products are for babies, of course the companies are making them safe, right???? Well, how I was wrong! It's such a glaring example of how bad these products are when a certain leading baby company's diapers are causing nasty rashes. (That explains why both my girls had such bad, unexplainable rashes! I mean come on, breastfed babies should have blisters on their bums! So now I'm cooking #3 and you better believe that I will be making better choices for that one. I can't wait to start using your baby products this time around!
chelseajoan picture
We love your dipes in our house, dipes and wipes. We mainly use cloth diapers but at night or if my little one is sick then we only use your chlorine free dipes on my guys lil bum. I love being able to just grab them off the shelf and not have to give a second thought to it like I have to for so many other things I buy. Thank you 7th Generation!!! Oh...one thing I would love it some pull-up type pants, one of my older boys has bed wetting problems and cloth pull ups just are not enough so I am forced to buy one of the leading brands. I would love to be able to buy something better.
jschuman picture
I am a mom-to-be, and I have used your products for years. Sometimes I go back and forth trying other products, but overall, have been very happy with your stuff. I have always been so glad to see whats on the label, and especially now that I have a little one on the way. I always try to let my family know about the new products that I'm using. Last Christmas, I even got everyone a book about going green and got them some 7th gen cleaning products to go with it. My neighbor is currently learning to "go green", and I give her suggestions all the time about the products I've used and really liked. As far as diapers are concerned, I'm planning on using cloth, however, I have always planned on using 7th gen dipes as portable, on the go dipes, so I can't wait to give them a try!
pinknotch picture
I influence all my friends with the organic eating and no toxic chemicals in homes. I drive everyone nuts when I get started talking about chemicals and recycling. Just the fact that if u use harse cleaning products in your home and you breath in all them chemicals is not my cup of tea. I'm going to be a new mommy and its better for me to know exactly what are in the products. My child will have the best organic food. Why would I let them eat things that I know aren't right.
iluvmy2boys09 picture
I will be honest and say that before my youngest son was born I did not check anything out. I relied upon my government to tell me which products were okay to use on my children. Once I became pregnant with him (he is now 10 months old) I realized how much was not being done about our childrens products. So, now I have started checking everything and if it is not an ingredient I recognize or would not want on myself (hello, chlorine) then I try to find a product that has it removed. Sometimes it can be difficult, considering I live in a small town and not many local larger towns carry these great natural products (like 7th Generation) but I try to stock up the best I can. Here recently I hosted a Healthy Child Healthy World house party and showed them the ingredients listing on the package of 7th generation products. I really think I made an impact on some of my friends.
karilthm picture
As an expecting Mom, I spend a lot of time researching ingredients in the things I use on my body, in my home and what I plan to use on my baby. Every time I find an unsafe product, I let my friends and family know. I also tell them a safe alternative. Most people want to do the right thing for their family and environment, but they are unaware of what is safe and what is not or they don't have time to do the research. I have friends call me all of the time to ask about different products
amandaroggow picture
our second son spent 145 days in the NICU. We are VERY picky about what products we use with him and his older brother. I try to post on facebook and talk with my other mom friends when we find stuff like 7th generation. We are starting to cloth diaper but you guys are our back up diaper. And I only wash his bottles with your dish-washing liquid. I am happy to say he is thriving today!
jessiv picture
I use the baby wipes to clean my dog's paws - it helps his allergies. And I let my other friends that have dogs know that your wipes are great for that! They are way cheaper than the wipes meant for dogs, and don't have the fruity smell that the doggie wipes have, so your wipes are better for dogs, esp. dogs with allergies. Thanks!
mommyto2boys0208 picture
When I was pregnant w/ my youngest (who is now 16 months) I had a pregnancy full of complications and put on bedrest very early in my pregnancy. So I spent all day researching baby items and of course shopping from bed, lol. One day i came across an article about the unsafe checmicals in our cleaners which got me thinking so I researched more and that's how I found Seventh Generation. I switched right away to the dish soap and laundry deteregent, wanting to make sure that nothing the baby touched would be harmful. After a few weeks I realized I was still using allot of traditional cleaners and threw them out and went with more Seventh Generation cleaners. I started driving ppl nuts w all my talk on chemicals in cleaners. My family and friends didn't believe they could actually clean as good. Needless to say after a few weeks they were all sold on the idea and have switched also. I recently went to my son's Cub Scout Overnight Camp, I was in charge of bringing cleaners (among other things lol) and of course took my SG cleaners I had all the mom's asking me about them, and think a few are now trying them. I tell everyone about SG products I
nlschr0 picture
As a mom, it makes me feel much better to know exactly what are in products, and to make choices that are as safe as possible. I feel that this is especially important for very young children.
mjk226 picture
As a healthcare provider in a small community, I am in a unique position to inform people about making careful choices about the products they use in their homes, and around their children. I always mention the availability of items from companies such as Seventh Generation, and try to tell my patients where to obtain items for the best price (I am a bargain shopper).
Stephy122 picture
I tell my family and friends through my blog and by word of mouth. Plus, I use cloth diapers so people are always asking me why giving me a great opportunity to talk about all the harmful chemicals in so many products we use day to day.
lolamichele picture
my youngest child, Finnegan, has incredibly sensitive skin. We have to be very careful what we use on or around him. because of his sensitivity, we started reading labels and paying attention to what is in a lot of the products that we use. we also have all of our family members reading labels so that their cleaners are safer for the kids
rachip picture
As a mom, there is always a "competitive" side of mothering that you need to be very careful to avoid. I don't ever want to act like I am better than anyone who uses other diapers (besides SG). Of course, I truly believe that I am doing the best for my son by cloth diapering and using SG, but I CANNOT judge others who do differently. So I try to approach the subject only if another mom asks me. Any friend that has ever seen my diaper bag has seen that E wears SG and cloth, and when they ask I explain why. There is a GREAT article in the current "Mothering" mag that talks about ingredient disclosure - or NONdisclosure :) - in the big-name diapers!
memphis_bbq picture
We are expecting our first child this August and 7th gen. diapers/wipes are on the baby registry -- thank you for leading the way in disclosing information about your products. How do we spread the word? We walk the talk & model appropriate earth friendly behavior --- from the cleaning products that we use in our home, to the composter in our backyard, to the earth friendly cleaning service (woo hoo!) I found that helps out every 6-8 weeks as we get ready to bring our little guy into this world. Our friends and family know that we surround ourselves with environmentally friendly products and services in a non-preachy way so if a question comes up, they come to us for discussion.
sarahbarbeara picture
I had a friend to who told me she didn't like Huggies because when her child would pee, the diapers would give off a chemical smell. To solve the problem she switched to Pampers, because they were scented, so they covered the smell. It makes me sad that she didn't question what was making the smell, instead she looked for something that would cover the smell. This really made me think about what I was going to be putting on my child's skin. Cloth wasn't a option for me (no washer/dryer in our apt), so I was happy to find an alternative that was easy to use, and budget friendly!
nyac29 picture
I think what touched me the most was learning how much we absorb into our bodies from what we wear or apply, whether that is clothing, diapers, cleansers or perfumes. We love using 7th Gen diapers. And the banner color speaks volumes, since most babies wear white diapers. It always brings up the subject, and I'm only too happy to share what I've learned.
JaeButler picture
We started looking into living more green and being more choosy about the products we use in our home when we became parents, especially once our child became more mobile and has started getting into EVERYTHING. We've been trying to use Seventh Generation products as much as possible as well as other natural/biodegradable products. We're so thankful that this has become an important issue so that there is a wider variety of products available. I've convinced some friends and family to try using natural products and they're amazed at the difference. They work just as well without the fumes and harmful chemicals.
gore8484 picture
Formaldehyde in baby products. When our pediatrician said this to us we were shocked. Well known baby products have these ingrediants. We were at the doctor to discuss this strange rash my daughter had nothing would help. One quick glance and she goes oh it's eczema. Neither my husband nor myself are allergic to anything, so finding out my child is just shocked me. It was explained to me that some well known products contain formaldehyde or FRP's and they are known to irritate baby's delicate skin. We were given a list of ingredient names to look for...which i know have memorized. We were lucky enough to never have the rash/chemical burns that have come up recently in a well known diaper. the Seventh Generation products have replaced almost every product in my house...we're still working to go through our dishwasher detergent before I can change it. I try to tell all my new mother friend's about seventh generation and let them have the knowledge to know what they are putting on their child. Since changing, my daughter's eczema is almost non-exsistent.
selggans12 picture
I am really sold on Seventh Generation products. I went through a period where I changed over all my cleaning stuff to them and I just feel better about the change I have made to my families life and the world. I have been very up front with friends and family about the ingredient disclosure issue. I feel like sharing my feelings on the issues has been well received, especially when I share with other parents - it means so much when you say - don't you want products you use on and around your children to be safe, to know what they are made of!? When they think even a second on that, they agree 100% with me and it definitely opens up great concerns about why ingredient disclosure is so important. I have really become an advocate over the past few years of this "cause" and I think that if more people just thought BRIEFLY about it, they would really see its importance!! Thanks for bringing up this as an important topic on your blog!
jenellesmommy picture
Baby skin is so delicate so why would you want to put all those harsh chemicals on their skin. Did you know that your skin is like a sponge and is soaking up what you put on it. You wouldn't feed your baby poison so why are we putting poison on their skin, it's still going in their bodies. I'm sure most of us have read about the new Pampers that are causing burns on babies bottoms. That is pretty scary stuff. I rather put something I know is safe on my child that way I know I am doing what is best for them now and also what will benefit them in the future. I really like the Seventh Generation diapers and wipes. It puts my mind at ease knowing that my baby is using the best.
moimemoi picture
I let friends and family know about going further green in many different ways. For starters we use email to spread the word on different links where I find things. I also am head parent of the Green Team at my daughters school so I provide information via online at our Weekly Update found on our schools website and via email to all the families. I also let friends know on say facebook by providing them links. I think there are so many ways that we can spread the word on how to go more green.
heather81 picture
we love the all purpose cleaner, we use it at our church nursery to spray down all of the toys once the kids are finished playing-it can be used as a cleaner or disinfectant...its a great product & you feel safe using it around children-you dont have to worry about any harmful chemicals or fumes! i am definately buying some for my own house-it makes you feel good, using something like this product..you know its safe! thank you seventh generation!~
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