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What in the World is Going On?

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Author: the Inkslinger

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I’ve been rolling elsewhere lately, but the world’s been rolling on, and it’s high time to play a little catch up and see what’s been happening as it has. Though the “save page as” command and a bulging virtual folder on my hard drive have pretty much replaced my old-fashioned scissors and the mound of newspaper and magazine cuttings they used to create, I still call them “clippings,” and here’s my latest batch:

Glycol ethers are in the news. Say what? I know… There was a time when I hadn’t heard of ‘em either. But they’re pretty nasty and a new survey of ingredients in cleaning products has found them in a ton of popular brands, which, to use a technical term, sucks dust bunnies.

Speaking of conventional “cleaners,” (and man, there’s a misnomer if ever there was one) a new study on those you spray says they’re linked to asthma. The study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine arrives in fairly incomprehensible science-speak so I’ll bottom line it: The more you use them the harder you’ll find it to breathe.

I completely love this one because it amounts to a big giant in-your-face smackdown of agribusiness and the pesticide industry, which are always telling us how they’re really the only way to feed the world. A three-year global study of organic and conventional farming has discovered that organic farming can produce up to three times (count ’em) three times as much food per acre than conventional farming. So much for all the manure industrial ag sector has been spreading…

Finally, this one’s just plain weird, but as I’m somehow perennially drawn to strange animal stories, here it is: Scientists are reporting (cue eerie sci-fi music) an invasion of vicious giant squid off the northern California coast. Hordes of 7 feet long, 100-pound creatures are zipping around in packs that number in the hundreds attacking everything in sight and trying to eat scuba divers. Freaky.