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What If Everyone Actually DID Switch to Seventh Generation?

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Author: the Inkslinger

Amazon LogoIt’s a cool thing to think about.

For a bunch of years, we’ve put what we call savings statements on the back of all our products to tell everyone about all the good things they’re doing when they bring our stuff home.

For example, our Bathroom Tissue label says that if every household were to replace just one roll of 500-sheet virgin fiber (i.e., from trees) TP with ours, we’d collectively save an incredible 448,000 trees, over a million cubic feet of landfill space, and 161 million gallons of water. All that from everyone picking up just a single roll.

Of course, not every household in the country has made the switch. But they could. And what if they did? What if together we actually were able to save all those trees and all that trash and all that water?

Which brings us to this new program Amazon.com has started called Green 3. It’s pretty simple. Amazon is asking people to tell them what their favorite three green products are as a way to create the Internet’s first definitive list of what’s best for the world.

That kind of got us thinking. Since Amazon.com is the web’s Wal-Mart (a company we’re not too keen on selling to at this point), making the grade on the Green 3 list could actually be the way we’ve been looking for to create the impact we’ve always wanted to have.

It’s worth a shot. So when you’ve got a second, check out the Green 3 and put in a vote for our 2-Ply Bathroom Tissue. (It’s also worth checking out the other green ideas people have suggested.) Who knows? Maybe we’ll get our best shot yet at making our savings statement dreams a reality.