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What Does the Future Look Like?

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Friday we convened a group of leading Vermont businesses, NGO’s, and politicians to explore new visions and possibilities for accelerating the process of creating a more sustainable future for our state. We talked a bit about the Earth Charter and about connecting our work in some way to the template for a healthier society it provides. We discussed how we can generate new patterns for how we work together, think about the future, and engage the public.

This is not a new endeavor. Many groups have walked down this path before with mixed results. In fact, we spent part of Friday’s get-together wondering why so much positive energy and money hasn’t generated the results we’ve all hoped for. I’m not sure we came up with an answer to that one.

But we did come up with what I think is one key idea: the need to create new stories about what the future we want to create together would look like. Want to create change? Tell a great story. Great stories are told over and over to ever greater audiences.

We need some new ones that inspire new possibilities. So here’s a question: what is your story of the future? What does your perfect tomorrow look like? If you could create it, what kind of world would you imagine for us all?