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What Are Your New Year's Resolutions for Healthy Household Cleaning?

Author: Seventh Generation

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Here at Seventh Generation, we are gearing up for 2010 with a Resolution to bring you great new products that help you protect your environment.

What are your Healthy Household Cleaning Resolutions for the new year?

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ashwin15 picture
I use vineger, baking soda, limons, and 7th Generation products to clean and I don't buy paper towels!Instead I use old t-shirts socks etc.
missfaeriemary picture
really?....i just plan to "clean" more often, using simpler products. do we really need a different cleaner for everything we own?...
milwis picture
We have committed to using all the "green" products we can. We suffer from allergies to a lot of the chemicals used in regular products. We also have pets that can be harmed from chemicals that linger in the air they breathe. We have felt much better since we started our green campaign and plan to continue in the future!
willthedude picture
I will replace my household cleaners with natural alternatives. Clean with things such as vinegar, lemon juice, and ammonia.
angeltess3007 picture
have started slowly becoming more green. My main resolution in cleaning is going to be find a way to get the floors clean that does not use harsh chemicals. I have twin girls and cleanliness without chemicals is more important to me now than ever before.
ussmiths picture
For several years I had a chemical cleaning agent for every cleaning chore in the house. Two years ago I put on the brakes when I came across 7th Generation products and learned about really what it takes to get my home clean. I learned that plant based cleaners really do work well, if not better than chemical cleaners. I have purchased a steam mop and have a recipe booklet for homemade household cleaning agents with all natural products. My mission this year is to rid the cleaning cupboard of all the chemical cleaning products I have accumulated over the years and keep it simple and use 7th generation or make my own cleaners. We have elimiated using paper throw away products like paper plates and paper napkins and have papertowels only for travel in the car if there is a bad spill. We compost for our vegetable garden and have cut our monthly trash to 3 bags--and that includes toddeler diapers! Everything that can be recycled is and we have become consumer savy to purchase only from companies that we know ship with minimal and recylceable material. We carry canvas/reusable shopping bags in our car and not only bring them to the grocery store, but any merchant. If it is only an item or two we are after and don't bring a bag--we just ask the cashier we prefer no plastic and carry out our purchase without a plastic bag. I have scoured the 7th generation website/blog corner for advice over the last few years and hope these green family tidbits inspire another family to take a stand and make a difference.
butler picture
I plan to recycle. We did a little bit and it cut down on our trash. This year I plan to recycle everything that the recycling center takes. I also plan to make our house more energy efficient.
ashtysmom picture
My city just started doing recycling pickup this year. Our garbage can has gone from being full on the weekly pickup day, to being able to push 3 weeks without hauling it to the curb. The recycling bin, however... I have a stock pile of the plastic grocery bags from before I started picking up the reusable ones. I use these in the bathroom garbage pails, and hang one on the stove door for kitchen waste. It's not the best for interior design but I don't remember the last time I bought garbage bags. My main goal for this year is to do more actual cleaning on a regular basis, and not letting it build up. And don't use any product at all unless you have to. Just this morning I took the hand towel from the bathroom, dampened it with some water, and wiped down the mirror, counter, faucet and sink. I'd also like to lose my dependence on those Lysol wipes. Kinda addicted. One other thing, not necessarily cleaning related... use the fruits of the compost pile I've been feeding this past year!
catlover7 picture
Dealing with cat pans is a major environmental challenge! I cope by using biodegradeable (rather than clay) litters, and by using green products to clean the pans rather than bleach. For odor control, you cannot beat baking soda.
denisel picture
I have been using less and less paper towels, baggies, foil, saran wrap, etc. Instead I pack my son's as well as mine lunches in reusable containers. I also use my dishrag for wiping up spills and rinsing off dishes. Plus I store leftover foods in the frig and in the freezer in reusable containers instead of baggies. It saves money and the environment.
w104tst picture
I am switching over to fragrance free laundry detergent. I will not purchasing anti-bacterial soaps. Recently I stop using aerosol sprays. I also try to educate my friends and co-workers on healthier household cleaning.
JONES50 picture
We've been using Seventh Generation and other green products this year to maintain the cleanliness of our home; however, we are also going to expand the use of green products to our cars, patio area, etc. We also plan to make cleaners or use vinegar to clean with and for other purposes. We recycle regularly and will continue with our recycling efforts to help save the environment.
akaZachsMom picture
Our family has made quite a few changes in 2009 - using canvas bags for shopping (and not just groceries), switching to biodegradable trash bags, adding curbside recycling to our trash service, etc. For 2010 I plan to continue my efforts to share the importance of treading lightly on the Earth. I'm searching for green cleaning products that not only do a good job of cleaning but that my husband will use - the vinegar spray was not a hit. Mostly, I plan to keep trying new things. I know I'll find even more that we can be doing (or not doing) and we'll look back a year from now and say, why didn't we try that sooner?
carol65301 picture
We are not going to let any water run that is not required by each specific task, i.e., while brushing teeth, washing dishes, etc. We live in a rural area and our water source is our private well, so we are constantly reminded that our groundwater purity is very much our concern. Whether it be contamination from detergents, cleaning chemicals, lawn chemicals, insecticides, fertilizers, etc., we tend to lean to the extreme side of caution and use little (if any) whenever the need arises. I am only going to use either natural cleansers I purchase or make myself. I have already started using an ultraviolet wand for disinfecting items instead of using chemicals. In the past, we have whittled our magazine subscriptions down to 2 for the entire household and recycled after reading. We have now vowed to renew them in the online versions only. We are trying to pick a point of concentration and making certain we concentrate on doing one thing until it becomes a habit instead of a chore and then move on to add the next phase of greening up our house and our lives. Reading others methods for going green is a constant inspiration to us. It seems if it is something we already have in practice, we still get a little boost from knowing we are all making a difference together in our own lives as well as the lives of our neighbors. Have a great Holiday Season and a Very Green New Year!!!
mamamolli picture
I have been using green products for a while now - even easier now that they are more readily available in stores! My resolution for this year is to educate my family & friends on why green cleaning is so important and help them find the products they need. Thanks Seventh Gen for making this easier!!!
alleykat20 picture
I already recycle my papers and magazines. I am going to try to find a better way to recycle the magazines, like a local dr.'s office that will take them all so they will at least be read.
Firefly239 picture
My New Year's Resolutions for a healthy household of living. First we're gearing up for 2010 with a resolution to bring all the products that help us protect your environment home. Next we are going to really look at all companies to see who is not being honest with us. Last we are going to educate our friends and family to what real "All Natural" items and ingredients are.
Fungal picture
I want to continue to use safer cleaning products and recycle even more than I have in 2008. I also want to be better organized with my cleaning caddy.
wooznie picture
I consider myself green, I use cloth diapers or no diapers at all (EC), cloth napkins, reusable shopping bags, natural detergant and cleaners (for the most part) a clothes line instead of a dryer, etc. Now for the hard part getting my husband to do this as well. He wants disposables on at night, comes home with plastic bags from the grocery store and throws the clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them up. So, my goal for 2010 is to get him to use the products I have on hand instead of those disposable items that I stopped using years ago.
StineWoo picture
I want to commit to cleaning my bathroom in an entirely green way. I know that if I can accomplish this enitrely through environmentally friendly products, I can tackle the rest of my home next.
moontah picture
I'm going to Totally eliminate plastic bags in my household.
hharmon25 picture
I am a single mom with only one income. I think going green will benefit me in the long run and show my children how we need to care about what we use. I already recycle/reuse plastic bags as trash can liners and other things. I would like to start getting safer cleaning products. I would love to start a compost pile or bin. i want to show the kids to love the mother earth and protect it.
swest72766 picture
The first thing I am doing this coming year is getting rid of all my nonstick cookware and then using all natural cleaners,period!Will use more elebow grease and less chemicals!
ermanalang picture
I have recently given birth to a healthy baby boy so I am more conscious of using household products that are safe and non-toxic to both my family and the environment. Instead of the harmful cleaning solvents I use common household food products such as vinegar, lemon, olive oil, club soda and baking soda. For our soap and shampoos we use natural and biodegradable ingredients such as those made from beeswax, olive oil, tea tree oil etc. If there are so many ingredients that I could not pronouce I stay away from them. I am also thankful that big corporations such as Target and Shoprite are doing their part to save the environment and are motivating consumers to do the same. For every reusable bag the consumers use instead of plastic bags they give back 5cents. It may be small change but add it up and soon it will be a big savings for both the consumer and the environment.
AngelsMommy1999 picture
I have started to use green products that want hurt my kids or the environment. I have also started using reusable bags, and started recycling my garbage. I do not use paper/Styrofoam plates any more I use regular plates and wash them.
Richenda picture
I do not want my home to be chemically-dependent anymore! For 2010, our family has made the decision to buy products that are safe, non-toxic, but that still have cleaning power. We will follow the green cleaning recipies from 'The Household Handbook.' It is amazing what different cleaning concoctions can be made with regular home ingredients (baking soda, hot water, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, etc.) Our home will safely sparkle and all of our used commercial cleaners will be donated.
stef42678 picture
My household cleaning resolution this year is to stay organized and clean a little each day as well as only use ecofriendly cleaning products. I want my home to stay neat everyday, as well as keep it clean without polluting the earth.
ljaves picture
I vow every year to reduce the amount of chemical exposure my family gets in life. I have succeeded for a few years now but it gets harder and more tedious but I will continue.
sherridegraeve picture
I make most of my cleaners or use Seventh Generation cleaning products. Some are not, but I am choosing to switch to all natural once and for all. Can anyone recommend a good cleaner for hardwood floors? I recycle, but I am going to compost as well.
majmom picture
My Resolution for Healthy Household Cleaning is to progress on remodeling and removing carpets and have natural tyle and wood floors, to allow for easier cleaning with vinegar solution and natural oil cleansers. I have decreased my use of the dryer and wash with cold water, and wish to continue this.
dannysmama0705 picture
I have always been into any natural products for cleaning. But in 2010 I will be trying to get everything natural. With a newborn that has breathing problems and a 4 year old with asthma I need to cut back on any bad chemicals. I have even made a promise to myself to not use plastic bags for grocery's. Next step is to buy shampoo and laundry soap that will not hurt the environment. Right now I use biodegradable diapers for my daughter and I recycle anything I can. As a family we walk through our neighborhood and pick up all the trash we see. That is our weekly family exercise. And we will continue to make changes through out of lives to keep our earth clean.
jrharry picture
Our families new year's cleaning resolution is to make less waste so there will not be as much to clean! We are working hard to do with less and make more time for what really matters.
jmtarnos picture
Now that we have a new baby in our family we will only be using natural cleaning products. I will be using vinegar, lemon, baking soda to make most of the cleansers we would normally purchase. We will use the 7th gen products for laundry and dishwashing.
rkoloms picture
Find a new job in the Green Industry!!
iodiamo picture
My first grandbaby should arrive in mid-January. I would like for my floors to be safer for him to crawl around on. Over the years, due to allergies, we have gradually removed the carpeting from almost all of the rooms in our home. I have decided to purchase a steam cleaner to use on all the floors that are not carpeted. This will eliminate any harmful chemicals. I would also like to find an alternative to bleach for the shower. I am currently using vinegar and baking soda but the mold is still present in two small areas.
musicsgonegreenf picture
My goals are to be 100% eco friendly with household cleaning products in 2010. Also use all seventh generation cleaning products!! Gota help support the best eco friendly company out there!
txsherrie picture
I have completely switched to plant-based cleaners for bath, body, kitchen, and sink/dishwasher. I've never liked throwing things away, so paper towels are rarely used in my house. However, since my house burned last summer, I've had to replace my kitchen towels. My new towels are made from recycled sewing room scraps spun into new thread and woven into towels, and will continue the trend as I replace other linens as well as going organic, too, and natural fibers throughout the house and furnishings. As others have gone back to real diapers rather than disposable, in keeping with this idea, I have switched to washable "feminine hygiene" products called Lunapads, as well as washable soft cotton cleansing pads for "#1" instead of toilet paper, to be washed in my 7th generation laundry soap and chorine free liquid bleach, of course. I find the liquid bleach stops my cloths from going "sour" if I forget them in the washer, leading me to believe there is powerful anti-bacterial action going on. I rarely use my dryer except for towels, and my new year's resolution is to not electrically dry them any more.
Benay picture
We use as many green cleaning products as we can in our house, as well as recycled paper, so I had to think a while on this one. There is still one product we haven't switched. We use Simple Green for some things, so I plan to replace that with an even better all-purpose cleaner from Seventh Generation.
Iliana picture
This year I have fully embraced a greener life. We recycle as much as we can -we only have a big trash bag per week-, we have replaced all of our light bulbs and some windows for more energy efficient ones, I cloth diaper my son, and I use green products, like Seventh Generation. It is so easy, I even have helped others make the switch. As time passes, we try to figure out more and more ways to live green.
talila picture
With the arrival of my twin boys right around the corner I have already made a lot of changes. I've switched to all natural cleaning agents and detergents, as well as baby products like 7th Generation diapers. My one downfall is that I still use some disposable products like paper towels. I will attempt to cut down on paper towels in the new year and use only recycled products when I can't get away with a rag.
mikeyd09 picture
i have already started trying to be more energy efficient by useing cfl bulbs, not running the dishwasher only washing close in cold water and recently have been going through apartment and sealing up my windows and any other place that i find air leaks. but now i have become aware of how dangerous chemicals are to children and would like to switch natural cleaners.
melanie741 picture
I've been researching natural cleaning methods online, including Seventh Generation, making my own cleaners with tea tree oil and such, vinegar for windows and newspaper......my son's school collects all sorts of paper to be recycled and the money goes to the school, I"ve been using cloth bags for shopping and unsubscribing to junk mail catalogs and doing email/bills online to save trees! Thank you!
smccue picture
We've been using baking soda and water for most of our cleaning needs for a year or so, and love it! The detergents we do use (laundry, dishwasher) are friendly to the environment, although we'd love to get rid of them...any ideas, anyone? Our next step is to set up a clothesline outside to eliminate the need for our old, energy-wasting dryer.
bugmagnt picture
I already am really good about using reusuable bags at the grocery stores and recycling, not it is time for greening up my cleaning! I want to use greener cleaning products, especially bathroom products -- and use more natural items like vinegar and baking soda. I also want to use less paper products like paper towels to reduce household waste.
sar3096 picture
i plan on making an all-natural swiffer cloth out of microfiber and/or other cloths available at local stores, and then reusing it and finding a natural cleaner to use with it (for the mopping).
kwong1975 picture
Use more baking soda and vinegar for cleaning!
nmdanzy picture
It's hard not to be green when our first grader reminds us to recycle, turn lights off and keep the house clean...Which is a good thing. She's training my husband, as well!!!!!
cstar9701 picture
I would like to severely reduce the quantity of paper products used in my home. We are nearly paper towel free, down to one last partial roll of paper towels, and once that's done, I will avoid buying more. We have a good pile of linen dishtowels, which double for cooking uses as well as drying dishes, plus a stock of useful rags, and we keep a small pile of fast food, etc, paper napkins in a kitchen drawer (on the rare occasion that I can't avoid taking them). I had already freed myself from paper napkins and paper plates. For my sister's wedding shower, I convinced my mom to purchase 50 dollar store plastic plates (transparent blue, they almost look glass), which our family has dispersed in smaller quantities for outdoor use at home, and will reassemble the full set for large outdoor events. Now, if I can only get my mom to quit buying me the decorative little tea party napkin packets, I'll be all set!
dunnsmile picture
My resolution is to approach gift giving with a new "greener" perspective! Not only during this holiday season, but for celebrations throughout the year. For example, for a house warming gift, placing seventh generatation cleaning products in a basket (baskets from salvation army or garage sales work great!) or a baby shower, giving cloth or seventh generation diapers along with laundry detergent as part of the gift. I want to try to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of waste from wrapping paper and trying hard to use bags that are able to be used again, or baskets!
dunnsmile picture
My resolution is to approach gift giving with a new "greener" perspective! Not only during this holiday season, but for celebrations throughout the year. For example, for a house warming gift, placing seventh generatation cleaning products in a basket (baskets from salvation army or garage sales work great!) or a baby shower, giving cloth or seventh generation diapers along with laundry detergent as part of the gift. I want to try to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of waste from wrapping paper and trying hard to use bags that are able to be used again, or baskets!
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