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This Week Around the Blogosphere

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Author: Kendra Sibilia

Here I am again with more comments on what people are enjoying or learning while using Seventh Generation products.

On the Ecotality blog, Steve Caratzas writes an article titled, “When You Gotta Go, Go Green.” He describes his admiration for Seventh Generation and appreciates the efforts and knowledge expressed by Seventh Generation. It is great to hear that someone is using the information on the website to educate people on how to make their homes clean for themselves and the environment.

On another blog, Three Million Moments, there is a post titled “A Green Home is a Good Home.” The author explains how her and her husband decided to “really” clean their bathroom. They decided to use the last of the “happy bubble scrub” even though it is hazardous. The smell of the remembered freshly clean bathroom as a child was anticipated. To their surprise, the couple felt guilty for using this product and had to air out the house before they felt it was safe for the family to breathe inside again. It is nice to hear that the consumer will return to equally effective natural cleaning product brands like Seventh Generation. Welcome back!

This next blog is from the casual yet always entertaining MySpace, where member Victoria reprints our recent Non-Toxic Times newsletter article from Jeffrey Hollender describing how he turned his 1983 Mercedes station wagon into a veggie-oil-running car. The piece is written with such enthusiasm that it made me want to run out and buy a diesel car and convert it! This was so refreshing to come across because someone else read this and was inspired enough to put it into their MySpace blog. Hopefully soon we’ll all be running on recycled fuels.

Another week has passed and it is still exciting to read what people are writing about Seventh Generation. I love reading the posts from the conscious consumers who are not using a product simply because it works, but because they appreciate what the company stands for. Seventh Generation is not just promoting a product, but also a philosophy: we need to be safer for our environment and ourselves.