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Wee Generation Diaper Bags are Here!

Author: mjb

Wee GenerationA year in the making, the Wee Generation eco-diaper bag is finally available. Your feedback led to many of the bag's features -- its gender-neutral coloring, its easy-to-clean nature, and its light inside-color (so it isn't a black hole for small items).

Making the innovative diaper bag was a collaboration between Seventh Generation and William McDonough -- the acclaimed green architect and visionary, IDEO -- one of the world’s most innovative design firms, Healthy Child Healthy World -- the primary children’s environmental health eco-advocacy non-profit, and Rickshaw Bagworks -- a leading manufacturer and designer of sustainable urban bags.

The Cradle-to-Cradle-certifiable diaper bag was designed with a broad, thoughtful approach to sustainability and is currently undergoing a rigorous certification process. The bags are highly functional, durable, and manufactured responsibly.

See the bag at www.weegeneration.com. 100 percent of profits benefit Healthy Child Healthy World. Plus, the first 500 bags come with Seventh Generation baby products, Naturally Clean: The Seventh Generation Guide to Safe & Healthy, Non-toxic Cleaning, and Healthy Child Healthy World literature to inspire a living, healthy home in five easy steps.


maevehall picture
Awesome! what would be better if it was made out of nappies... yes it is possible! and this is possible in the states and the UK - reducing transport emissions massively. Green shouldn't be extortionate and it doesn't have to be.
iighite picture
I originally stated that I was disappointed with the price of the bag but now that I thought about where the money is going I'm not so upset... Since all of it is going to Healthy Child org I see it as charity... I'm only disappointed that the footprint to make the product is pretty big... there has to be a better way... make it here in the US, make bag cheaper but allow for donations to be added if the consumer chooses this way normal families can buy healthier products... my two cents...
azurriromani picture
I have appreciated your products in the past, especially the paper towels and cleaning ones. However, I have stopped using them because of the fact that you are partnered with a Chinese manufacturing plant. I realize in our global economy it is inexpensive to go to a less powerful economy to manufacture goods, but in order to be environmentally and ethically resposible, it is better for this particular company to be completely operational in the United States. The carbon footprint of shipping, the inability to thoroughly track the manufacturing industry regulation in China does not seem to match your mission statement. Seventh Generation is a step in the right direction, however, producing, selling, and employing in country is the only way to be completely beneficial economically and ethically. Representatives have told consumers that being environmentally resposible is an investment, yes it is, but it is also an investment for all. It must start with the economy, through capitalism, and consumers to make a major shift in how we live, and how we do business with each other. I would gladly pay for products made and sold in America, but right now Seventh Generation isn't ready to make that step. Hopefully, it will in the near future. Until then, I am using lemon, vinegar, and other natural local cleaning products. Thank you for reading
icoachvball picture
It's great to see products created that will last past the baby stage. The price is too high for our family. We have two Jansport backpacks we purchased at an outlet store in 1998. They have served our family as school bags for one child, diaper bags for two children, and carry-on bags, work-out bags, you name it! This is a great reminder that we don't need to run out and buy a new bag for every stage that comes along. Look around, and use what you already have. Purchase quality items that will last!
jcmj1 picture
I was shocked at the price and couldn't look any further. The money could be spent in so many other ways!!!
jwoodbri picture
I was very excited about this bag. I kept coming back to look at it and finally bought it. It's crazy expensive, I know! But I couldn't resist the opportunity to help out Healthy Child Healthy World. All the proceeds are donated to this great organization. When I started turning "green" (Silly pun intended.) I was so overwhelmed with where to start as I was spending hours researching various topics on the internet until I got the book Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home. It's phenomenal... everything I wanted to know in one place. So I look at my purchase as a donation in which I get a great bag and some extra goodies in return. It was out of our budget but I splurged anyway. How often do I actually splurge on myself? Almost never! I'm a SAHM with 2 kids under age 3. And I forgot to mention how great it is to not have to worry about there being anything toxic in my bag! And it's cradle to cradle certified. How cool is that?? Safe for kids and the environment!
klenhart picture
Like another poster I already own a Fluerville-PVC free bag that is great. I was very interested in a second bag for daycare, but when I saw the price I was shocked. My fluerville bag although pricey too, I purchased gently used on ebay for $60 (Orig. price $250.00). I saved money and the environment by re-buying a PVC free bag made in the USA. Maybe in a year from now we can buy these bags gently used on ebay from the rich trendy moms that easily tire of things when they are no longer new and shiny. I would rather spend the money on environmentally friendly diaper or clothing. As a mother of 5 I am always trying to make as little impact on the earth as possible, but this bag missed the mark for me. I am quite disappointed that a company I have relied on for safe products would import from China at all. Makes me wonder if their other products are what they claim to be.
bryliesmom picture
Even if I had the money I would not spend $200 on a diaper bag! You are better off using a bag from a previous child or borrowing from a friend. That is being "green"!
Dannybanany picture
I agree with what has already been the obvious opinion, way too expensive for most parents. My organic diaper stash cost less, is far more useful, and works harder than that bag to carry them!?! I, like another poster suggested, used a simple little carry on piece of luggage that we had already for my first son, and for the second, my sis-in-law bought me a FAIR TRADE, colorful cotton bag for around $24. It is something I can use after the kids have grown, and purchasing it helped out another hard working Mom, NOT a big profiting company. Both "diaper bags" worked just fine. How come I can buy a simple ORGANIC cotton tote bag from ECObags for less than $10, but an "eco" diaper bag from China is $200?? It just doesn't add up to me, doesn't = GREEN. Plus, if you do a search, there is an organic cotton diaper bag out there for under $100, at least there was when I was looking about a year ago.... I agree, they were not thinking 7 years ahead with this one!!
mollysmommy picture
Wow, I think the bags are really nice- I saw someone put $65 in a reply, and thought "hmm..thats not too bad" except then I saw the $200 price. Even with goodies, that is far, far beyond our means. And there's just no way to justify. Being green and organic does usually cost more, but I find ways to save, including coupons and growing our own things, making our own cleaners, etc when we can, but there's just no way, even with the enticing goodies included. Its being offered, apparantly, to people who have far, far FAR more disposable income than myself. It makes me sad. I love diaper bags that look nice and the sage color is gorgeous, but no way. Oh well.
kdfoster picture
I didn't even bother to check out the details of the bag because the the GIGANTIC price tag distracted me. Absolutely ridiculous. The only thing green about this bag is the pocket of the corporation who made it because it is full of money! How is this earth friendly when it'll take at least a whole tree to make the $200 to pay for this thing!
13moonlight picture
How is it possible that you are supporting and promoting products that are made in China? The FAQs on the bag's website clearly states that they partner with a manufacturing plant in China. Polluting the environment by shipping products overseas is not environmentally sound. Not to mention that companies that manufacture products in China are just contributing even more to an environment that has horrible environmental problems of their own. If you stand for the health of our children and for our environment, this is just WRONG! Take a look at your own "About Us" page (http://www.seventhgeneration.com/about) This is the third paragraph: "The company derives its name from the Great Law of the Iroquois that states, "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." Every time you use a Seventh Generation product you are making a difference by saving natural resources, reducing pollution, keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment and making the world a safer place for this and the next seven generations." Think again about which products you wish to promote. I am saddened by your actions. You can find other products that are not made overseas that will participate with you philanthropically...can't you?
jslautrec picture
I agree that the price is too high. I would never spend $200.00 on a diaper bag. (I wouldn't spend that much on a designer purse either, but some people do.) And if I did, I would want the whole bag to be waterproof, not just the bottom.
Mauria picture
My husband and I consider ourselves very green, and when I saw this bag on my email I thought to myself, "Great!! I can even have an eco friendly diaper bag!" $200.00?!?? Why is everything good for the earth so gosh darn expensive? I'd love to have the bag, but there is no freakin way I'm going to spend 200.00, when I could spend 40.00 on a regular one and the rest on diapers. Must be nice to be made of money.
lindaben picture
I thought this bag was designed with parents and the environment in mind...At $200 what average parent can afford it? And if no well-meaning parent can afford it, how does that help the environment? Although it's wasn't "green", I just got a super diaper bag at Walmart for $20.
sfninerfan7@msn.com picture
Why is being "Green" so expensive? Why is Whole Foods nicknamed "Whole Paycheck"? Because it's TRENDY people! Be truly green and reuse something you already own! These companies are only out to make a buck, not truly save the environment! Environmentalism has merged with capitalism! Nice bag, I'd buy it if it was less than $50 and I didn't already own something that works just fine.
pfeiferh picture
Not that this is anything new, but I think this company should realize just how astronimical the price tag is for this bag so I'm adding my two cents (and with gas prices so high, that's about all I have left in my wallet). My car seat, stroller and diaper bag combined cost less than this bag alone. Can't the big companies just take all their non-environmental friendly products off the shelf and replace them with the stuff they know is more responsible? Then they can sell them affordably.
grayseas9 picture
wow, how do you expect the average person with kids to afford this? withthe price of gas/food /ect I really don't think many will be buying the bag . with all the hoopla surounding this bag I really thought that 7 th generation was going to make a bag with the parent in mind! most parents do not have 200.00 extra cash for a bag , like another poster said it is more green to use your old back pack.while I was so excited for this bag and really hoped to purchase it I guess it is way to out of my reach , even if I was one of the first 500
dmshell picture
I can not believe how the price tag on this bag can be two hundred dollars. Do people really think that parents want to spend that much on a bag, when having a baby is expensive enough.
jlarch picture
I think the bag is great, but affording it--no way. I couldn't justify spending that kind of money for a diaper bag. Too expensive!
katiesiek picture
Interesting a link to this outrageously priced bag is in the same email as "Too Much Stuff." Most likely, most people on this list already have children...and so purchasing this bag would just increase the amount of stuff we already have for our children.
cara_aaron2002 picture
I don't know anyone who would pay that price for a diaper bag. I've used the same diaper bag over 3 years with 2 kids and it has held up wonderfully. After throwing it in the washing machine it looks new. Paid $30 for it. Seems like alot of companies that "care" about the environment are just trying to make money. If they were really concerned about saving the planet it would reflect in the price of their products being affordable for everyone.
shadolanie picture
I agree about the style of the bag. Before I even opened the web page, I thought to myself, it's probably going to be green and orange or something else ugly. I really don't enjoy modern/contemporary styles and it seems ALL new natural products are designed with young trendy ultra modern people in mind. Alot of us prefer classic styles. Even plain black would have been preferable over the molecule-ish design on this bag. Don't even get me started on the price. $100 would have been do-able for most families. $200..not so much. I have 2 children in diapers. I'll stick with my natural zipping canvas bag.
averiesmomma picture
considering the economy as it is today, only celebrities and rich folks will be able to afford this wonderful bag. i love the organization of it but i can't justify spending that kind of money on a bag of any kind. like a PP said, my bag now will last through more than one child and i sure didn't pay $200 for it.
mississippiGirl picture
I was really excited about this bag, but.. it's ugly!! I don't care for the looks at all. It may outlast the diaper stage but will look outdated long before that. I was looking for a more classic design.
wordsandmusic picture
At that price this will only be accessible to well-heeled corporate moms for whom this is more trendy than conscientious. It's beautiful, and well-designed, but I can feed by family for several weeks on that pricetag!
amymparker picture
I love the bag, but unfortunately, like everyone else, the bag is way too pricey...even with the free goods. I would definitely love to get it and would use it again as I plan to have more children, but definitely not for $200.
organicfamily3 picture
I know it is a bit pricy. But lets face it going green and organic is pricy. But this is a long term investment. I am trying to raise a healthy child that grows up healthy. And yes pretty much everything I have for her cost a lot but it is SAFE. That is the key. I could go cheap but I would only be hurting her. I am buying products that are safe for her and the environment and they are made of high quality. I have a Fleurville bag right now that was pricy but safe and PVC free. It has been well worth it, as I know this bag will be. I love seventh generation products. And hey lets face it even green diapers cost a bunch. Buying a pack of number 3 diapers that have only 35 in them cost me 11.79 with the tax. Yes that is expensive BUT WELL WORTH IT. My daughter has never had diaper rash with these diapers and they are eco friendly and they are worth it. All of these products I buy for her are a sacrifice for our family and we live on a tight budget. But I consider everyone of them WORTH IT. So THANK YOU for all you do.!!!
iighite picture
I believe that doing the right thing should not cost an arm and a leg because then you are persuading people to make alternate choices which may be harmful or dangerous. This especially true with green products... I am really upset that going green cost me an arm and a leg... I have been trying to make my family lifestyle green... that is with the house, the car, and everything we do. However, I haven't been able to do this as fast as I have had hoped... because every... and I mean every thing that is green cost and enormous amount of money ... way beyond that of the price of normal products! I find this to be almost a crime! If we want families to buy environmentally safe products such as this baby bag, prices should not be so outstanding to persuade them to not do so... Remember the environment is the issue... the environment means the health of ALL of us.
leenebee picture
We;re expecting our second child, and in the preperations and budget, this just won't fit. I know I participated in the surveys for the design, and $65 would have been on my high side. Seems this was made for the people who can more afford to be green rather than us regular folks just trying to make it work. You misssed on the price with me guys. I can't even look at this one.
tcoop3 picture
What a fantastic bag! Too bad it is ridiculously priced! With so many people trying to 'go green' why make it so impossible for the common person to participate? 'Green' products are pricey enough. I can manage to dish out the extra cash to better the Earth and keep my home toxin-free. But, $200 for a diaper bag? While I realize it will last 'past diapers', so will my current bag. $100 worth of 'goodies' in the bag isn't enough to justify the price tag. I'd rather a lower price - less the goodies!
Crafty Momma picture
Crafty Momma
I just had to see this bag after reading everyone's comments and oh my! Even with the companys' reasoning that this bag can carry on it's use as a gym bag or tote bag long after the child has outgrown it, I still would not pay that price! I can go get a less expensive product that I can reuse for all those things, without breaking the bank.I have a very nice cotton tote bag that I'm passing along to a pregnant friend to use as her diaper or tote bag (reduce, reuse, recycle). I really wish companies would start making natural, eco-friendly or what have you, products more affordable as I have always heard it said that only the wealthy can afford to be healthy and save the planet. I have to agree so far in looking at prices of eco-friendly things. I'm really disappointed now :o(
trixiebix picture
I'm curious, how will I know if I'm one of the first 500 purchasing it ? (although with that price, your chances are very good). Too steep for my wallet. If it was cheaper I would definitely buy it.
KRunyon picture
As my husband and I plan for our baby, there is no way we can even ask our friends or family to purchase this bag. When I first heard about it I really wanted the bag. Now I think I'll take another approach to being "Green" by just reusing some of our old backpacks/tote bags and make do. This is one reason why many people continue to buy harsh plastic things. The natural ones are unnaturally priced!
mogharris picture
I agree. The bag looks great and I'm all for supporting such great causes (the environment and Healthy Child Healthy World) but I'm afraid the price is going to prohibit most people from purchasing it. Maybe someone will get it for me as a Christmas present!
mjb picture
We hear you...and we're hearing from moms and dads who are adding the Wee Generation bag to their baby shower wish list as a preemptive strike against the not-as-chic or well-designed baby bags they fully expect to receive from well-meaning friends and family. Like an ergonomic stroller, organic cotton crib mattress, or even organic fruits and veggies, it's an investment, but one that we feel will keep on giving to your entire family...and to Healthy Child Healthy World. One hundred percent of the profits from sales of the Wee Generation bag goes to our non-profit partner and on through their efforts to educate parents about how to protect their families from environmental toxins. We opened up the design process with moms and dad who told us they wanted a bag that would outlast the diaper stage. Just take out the insulated inserts and it easily transitions to gym bag, briefcase, or even school bag when elementary school rolls around. And don't forget: the first 500 bags include $100 in Seventh Generation free-product coupons and other goodies...
Seventh Generation VT picture
Seventh Generation VT
I've closely inspected this bag, and while my children are now out of diapers, I must say that the amount of headaches from spoiled product (baby bottle soaking the diapers, dried up wipes, etc.) and replacement diaper bags (5? 6?) we went through, this bag is a great gift item for new parents. It is exceptionally designed (fabric, compartments, easy-to-clean, ease-of-use) and really has to be seen to be believed.
staceye picture
Way out of my family-friendly budget, too. I can be more grateful for the one I'm already using.
jessimonster picture
Thats a really nice looking bag, but its way too expensive for me. I have kids!