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Web Site of the Month: Putting Some Serious "E" in Our Electronics

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Author: the Inkslinger

ElectronicsOurs is now a truly wired world and the gizmos we use to connect to it are necessities. Since we couldn’t give up our computers, cell phones, and iPods even if we wanted to, the question is how can we handle them in a responsible way? Here’s a web site with the answers.

MyGreenElectronics.org is one the best sustainable electronics sites we’ve seen. A project of the Consumer Electronics Association, this green guide looks at gear that ranges from MP3 players to television sets. Today’s high-tech gadgets use surprising amounts of energy, and are packed with all kinds of toxins. We need to shop smart, use wisely, and dispose of these technologies carefully. This site steers us to what we need to know.

Before you buy, consult its database to rate products by energy efficiency, resource conservation, and reduction of hazardous materials. While the listing is a little too light on details for our taste, it will guide you to models that offer important environmental benefits, something ordinary consumer guides usually fail to do.

There’s also an energy consumption calculator that shows how much our equipment costs us for daily use, and a guide to making what’s often a tough decision: should you repair or replace a piece of broken gear?

Don’t miss the zip-code searchable database of local recycling options for your electronics, and the site’s reuse resource guide can find a second life for your cast-offs.

photo: Capitan Giona