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Water Story

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Guest post from Bec Cooper...

Once there was a man who loved water – oceans, rivers, lakes – he loved them all, and there was a particular pond of water that he loved more than any other. There were beautiful birch trees around it and so many birds, butterflies and dragonflies. He had discovered a secret path leading to this pond, and began stopping nearly every day on his way home from work. He always felt very peaceful, and his mind could quiet in this place after a hectic day at work.

After many years, he began to notice fewer and fewer frogs, turtles and other pond creatures living around the water, and that there was an unpleasant smell lingering around the edges of the pond. The pond was fed from a stream that passed through where many people lived. Still, he continued to stop almost every day.

One day, as he visited, his heart so filled up with gratitude in just being there, that it brought tears to his eyes, and he wept, as he had not been able to do for years. He remembered all the times he had come to this place and how he felt so peaceful each time. It hurt his heart as he thought of the water in this pond becoming lifeless, and it occurred to him to try something…

He closed his eyes and let his awareness go to his heart – there he felt this tremendous love and appreciation for the water, and he opened his heart and sent this feeling out to the water, and thanked it, for being there and for the peaceful feelings in his heart. To his amazement, he felt a wave of love which seemed to be coming back from the water!! He continued to do this every time he visited the pond, and gradually, he noticed life returning, and the unpleasant smell went away, and the water cleared. Frogs, fish, snakes and turtles became abundant again, and the man was ecstatic!

The man lived in a time when there were many bigger bodies of water which were badly polluted, and he began to wonder what would happen if many people gathered together and sent love and appreciation from their hearts to the water?

So, he began to gather people who were curious and willing to give it a try, and he shared his success story about the pond with them. Oh, there were those who laughed, and said it couldn’t be so, but the man knew, and he could not be dissuaded.

There is no ending yet to this story – could it be true???

More and more people continued to gather at the shores of their largest lake – they sang and danced and offered flowers to the water. People went out on the ferries and tour boats and did the same. There were many blessing ceremonies for the lake. Some of them even painted “thank you water” on the bottoms of their kayaks, and boats! The man noticed that many of these people seemed to receive this wave of love back from the water, just as he had at the pond! Eventually there were enough people from different towns around the lake that they could stand side by side, holding hands for the largest blessing ever!! And they did notice life returning, and beaches not having to be closed anymore, and the water clearing and smelling and feeling better on their skin. They noticed that they had to do very little cleaning of the water for their drinking.

The water seemed to respond to the love and care that they were sending out from their hearts, and the people were forever changed….

This is the end of this story, but the beginning of a story in real life … the people have begun to gather at the shores of Lake Champlain in ceremony and dance, and are offering the love and gratitude in their hearts to the water. There have been four ceremonies so far – the first in the summer of 2005, the second in May 2006 – there were 250 people gathered during this ceremony even though it rained the entire time! The third was in June 2006, and the fourth in July 2006, and these were very informal gatherings.

A sample of water was taken from the beach at Oakledge Park before the May 2006 ceremony, and another sample was gathered after the July 2006 ceremony and sent to Japan to have water crystal photos taken. Please see the water crystal photos attached in this blog! The water reflects the love and appreciation that is sent to it, in the appearance of the beautiful crystal that formed in the “after the ceremony” water sample!

Before the Ceremony.

After the Ceremony.

All of the ceremonies have been inspired by the work of Dr. Masuru Emoto, who now travels the world, conducting ceremonies for water, and teaching others how to do the same. His website is www.thank-water.net, and his most current work and travels are mentioned there.

To find specific information about his seminars and requesting water crystal photographs, go to www.hado.net. To see information on the water crystals from “What The Bleep Do We Know” movie, go here.

The next blessing ceremony for Lake Champlain will be on August 12th, at the North Hero Marina, at 1:30PM. This is part of the 5th International Northern Lake Coalition Event and Lake Champlain Basin Program Public Meeting. At approximately 1:30PM “Esprit des Ventes (Spirit of the Wind) from Quebec will perform a Lake Blessing celebrated through music with drums. Come and join in!! The complete program for the afternoon is attached, including directions.

If you would like to know about future “Wake The Lake” ceremonies in the Burlington area, you can be added to the e-mail notification list, by e-mailing – Wakethelakevt@aol.com.

Come one, come all – it is the water that sustains every living creature on the planet, and the planet herself!