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Watch A Chemical Reaction

Author: seventhgeneration

Chemical ReactionLawn care can be a highly toxic enterprise. Seventh Generation is pleased to announce that it is a Presenting Sponsor of A Chemical Reaction, an award-winning documentary produced by, a non-profit environmental and health organization.

A Chemical Reaction looks at the first town in North America to ban the application of toxic pesticides associated with lawn care and gardening. Much of the story focuses on Dr. June Irwin, a dermatologist, who spurred Hudson, Quebec, to expatriate lawn chemical companies. The doctor's actions ultimately set off a chain of high-profile court cases that culminated in a ruling by the Canadian Supreme Court in 2001.

After Hudson won the landmark 9-0 decision, the chemical ban soon spread to the entire province of Quebec. Ontario enacted lawn chemical restrictions on Earth Day 2009 and dozens of other Canadian municipalities passed similar legislation. The point of the movie, however, is to ask: "If Canadians have banned these toxic chemicals from being applied around lawns and gardens, why do we still use them here in the U.S.?"

We invite you to go to A Chemical Reaction to view the trailer and find locations for upcoming screenings. You can also request a screening in your hometown.


diane ensign picture
diane ensign
Thank God at least this town was smart enough to ban toxic lawn care products. In 1992 about 2% of our nation was ill from exposures to toxic chemicals & now in 2010 about 20% are affected by multiple chemical sensitivities with severe reactions to herbicides, pesticides, chemical fragrances, etc. Our pets suffer as well & are at the vets often nowadays just as people are at the doctor's with every ailment imaginable of which so many can be traced back to the polluted air we breathe, water we use, food we eat, toxic household , laundry, cleaning & body care products now widely in use. The chemical corporations get rich & people get sick.People need to pay attention to the products they buy so they don't promote toxic junk.
Tessa.Faraone picture
This is wonderful! I'd recommend watching the trailer.
abbybrooks picture
I've been working to get my husband to understand how bad those chemicals are! He still has faith that the government will protect us and says if it was that bad it would be baned! I hope the US will take note and follow! Thank you 7Gen for supporting this cause! Abby