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Want to Really Leave No Child Behind?

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Author: the Inkslinger

I’d start with the National Children’s Study. You can check out the details here. But essentially this is a project that would follow 100,000 kids from birth to age 21 in order to find out how environmental factors (pollution, chemicals, etc.) affect childhood health and development. It’s a great idea. Long overdue. Desperately needed.

So naturally it’s been totally de-funded. The 2007 White House Budget includes exactly $00.00 for the NCS. If you’ve got a couple of spare moments, the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition is asking us all to sign a message of support for the project asking Congress to add a $69 million appropriation to the budget that would allow scientists to continue working on the study, which has been in the planning stages for the last few and is getting ready to start in earnest.

Signing the petition and voicing support for this project is a simple thing. It’s a small act that everyone should undertake. Because, really, what’s more important than finding out what environmental influences are threatening our kids? How there could there be no money for something like this in a country that’s as rich as ours? When you think about all the crazy projects the government funds, all the pork and the deeply weird things like that insane bridge to nowhere in Alaska and our little misadventure in the Middle East , it’s just astounding that a project like this gets the sort end of the fiscal stick. Don’t the people in our government have kids, too?