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A Walk to Stop Global Warming With Bill McKibben

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This Labor Day weekend Bill McKibben with the help of Greenpeace, Middlebury College, and Vermont activists organized a five-day walk from Robert Frost's old writing cabin in Ripton, Vermont to the Burlington waterfront. John Murphy (our senior sales sage) and I joined the event Sunday evening at Shelburne Farms, where we camped for the night before walking the last eight miles into Burlington yesterday.

Now if someone asked me to walk that far for almost any other reason I probably would have said no. But this walk, filled with delightful non-stop converstion with a wonderful community of caring Vermonters, was a delight. The event positively and hopefully addressed the most important issue of our time.

Here I am with Middlebury College Student and ChangeIt participant Meg

Seventh Generation was proudly a major sponsor of the march, which included hunters, fishermen, farmers, hikers, bikers, birdwatchers, students, businesspeople, sugarmakers and ski-lift operators. All of us have been moved in recent weeks by the efforts of our retiring independent Senator Jim Jeffords, who has introduced legislation on global warming that goes further than any previous effort to really grapple with this problem. The aim is to make sure that Jefford’s principles—an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, 20 percent renewable power by 2020, and cars that get at least 40 miles per gallon—prevail on Capitol Hill.

500 of us walked together on the last leg of the journey joining thousands of others Monday afternoon at a rally where politicians from all parties were challenged to pledge in writing to support Jeffords legislation. Believe it or not every single one signed the pledge. The only disappointment was our Governor, Jim Douglas who let us down by not even showing up.

Two heads working to save Vermont's maple trees from climate change are better than one!

About 500 of us left Shelburne Farms to be joined by countless others in and on the way to Burlington