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Wal-Mart’s “Live Better Index:” What Do You Think?

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Well, you never know what to expect next from Wal-Mart. Today, they announced a new “Live Better Index” in an e-mail:

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping customers save money and live better, Wal-Mart has unveiled the Live Better Index to measure customer attitudes and shopping behaviors. This ongoing survey will help us keep a pulse on customer trends as related to health and wellness – a topic of increasing consumer interest. And since nearly 90 percent of American households are Wal-Mart customers, we're in a unique position to measure and highlight national shopping trends.

To kick things off, we've attempted to clarify attitudes and habits surrounding important environmental issues. Our benchmark Live Better Index survey discovered that 57 percent of Americans express 'extreme concern' about the environment, while 43 percent think they will adopt an 'extremely green' lifestyle in the next five years.

To further examine nationwide eco-trends, we've chosen five environmentally friendly and frequently purchased products to monitor nationwide. This will give us a better idea of our country's purchasing habits when it comes to plucking green products from our shelves. The chosen products include: compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs), organic milk, concentrated-packaging liquid laundry detergents, extended life paper products and organic baby food.

In addition to being popular green commodities, these products were chosen because customers have the choice to buy eco-friendly versions of the product or traditional versions of the same product (i.e. CFLs versus incandescent light bulbs).

All of our findings will be posted online at http://livebetterindex.com. We're excited about this venture and look forward to discovering new ways to keep a pulse on the desires and attitudes of our customers. Stay tuned for more updates.

Since I never hesitate to tell you what I think, I’d love to have all of you weigh in here on what you think of this new initiative. And don’t stop with me. Let Wal-Mart know, too (Or if you prefer we’ll pass your comments along to them.)