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A Wake Up Story

Author: seventhgeneration

Chemical exposure is increasingly linked to chronic childhood illnesses that include asthma, allergies, and obesity.

Yet, most of the roughly 80,000 chemicals in everyday products like cosmetics and food packaging have slipped through the regulatory system almost entirely unchecked for potential health impacts.

A new video from Healthy Child Healthy World shows parents why they need to be aware. Click here to watch A Wake Up Story.

A Wake-Up Story from Healthy Child Healthy World on Vimeo.


tcoop3 picture
I am 5 months pregnant and sat here bawling while I watched that video. We have a natural home and eat whole, organic foods. Our son has a 100% natural cotton mattress (no fire retardant). He was breastfed just shy of his 3rd birthday. Our second child will be born in the safety of our home. I'm not sure why people don't take this seriously. "What is more important than the health of your child?" Really, I want to know. Nothing. Nothing comes before my child(ren). My husband and I have managed to keep an organic diet and buy mattresses that are much more expensive than the conventional on our limited income. Where there is a will, there is a way. We can all save up for the vacations we want, why not put money back for more important things?
Inzaboone picture
My husband was in the South Pacific for 24 months and the island was sprayed with DDT each week. He was in the hospital for a month ill with a diagnosis of Tropical fever receiving 125 shots of Penicillin with high fever and then chills after each shot. Changed to Streptmycin and went home but came back with ruptured ear drums and then Tonsilectony. He had Breast Cancer Malignancy in 1986. In June of 1995 he had surgery for an aneurysm. The doctor found that he had more collateral blood vessels than he had seen in other patients. The Inferrior Vena Cava poped off the heart when they pulled the intestines to the side to get to the aorta. The intestines were stiff and brittle. Six months later he hemorrhaged from diverticulums in the colon and had to have a Collectomy, saved a foot. They never found an appendix and I wondered if it had ruptured and sealed over somewhere.