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Use Your Vote to Enhance Our Self-Esteem

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Author: the Inkslinger

In case you missed this hot in-house news item… If you’ll look to the immediate left here, in the Captivating Column of Divinely Inspirational Thingamabobs (apologies for the technical jargon), you’ll see up top there that (cue thunderous applause and raucous cheering)...

That's right. The Inspired Protagonist has been nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Corporate Blog. Now I know it’s a honor just to be nominated. But if nominations are an honor, what's it like to win? Let’s find out, shall we?

To do that, you guys are going to have to vote because that’s the way this one works: whosoever gets the most votes from their adoring public wins. There are no judges. No juries. Just a ballot box stuffed as full as we can all conceivably get it. So when you’ve got a second or two, head over to the Blogger’s Choice Awards and cast your vote for inspirational protagonism. It’s pretty simple. Just click the little gold “vote” button under our current “total votes” tally. A quick registration and an e-mail later, and you’re in. A couple of clicks after that, and you’re there. Enough clicks and we win. It’s simplicity itself.

Right now we’re #4 with a bullet and just three votes from the number #3 position. Currently, it looks like Google and Southwest Airlines are rallying the troops to maintain the number one and two spots, but they’re not nearly as inspired as we are. Let’s show ‘em how it’s done.