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The Unbearable Darkness of Bee-ing

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Author: the Inkslinger

We’re getting worried about the bees. And not just about the bees but about what the bees are trying to tell us.

If you haven’t heard, honeybees are mysteriously disappearing. Whole colonies just vanishing like some apian Roanoke. It’s deeply weird. All the worker bees in a hive fly off for a day’s work and never return. No bodies. No clues. No bees.

Without bees, we have less than no honey. We have less food by a lot. Because so many of our crops depend on bees for pollination. Beekeepers travel the country, hives in tow, following the flowering cycles of all kinds of crops, like migrant workers following harvests. Bees fly free through the fields pollinating flowers, which then produce fruits and vegetables that we eat. No bees. No pollination. No pollination. No food.

Slowly, beneath almost everyone’s radar, a crisis is building. What is happening? Where are the bees? And why are they ailing? What signal is being sent for us to decode? What are these tiny canaries in our environmental coal mine trying to say?

Eva Marie, our scent goddess, has been following the story with great concern, as have many of us. And she’s provided some good links for us to follow as we try to read the bees and restore balance to the earth.

Celsias offers an excellent overview of the issue that discusses the situation and its many theorized causes.

One of those theories says that GMOs are responsible. Seeds of Deception is the definitive reference on that subject.

This book predicted the current collapse of bee colonies around the world well before it began.

Here’s some background, and current science and reporting straight from the bee people.

And finally, if you’re a beekeeper, this national survey needs your input.