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Turn Bath Time into Baby's Favorite Time!

Author: Seventh Generation

If you've ever tried to control a squirmy infant during bath time, you'll understand why parents are calling Seventh Generation's new Foaming Baby Shampoo & Wash the "one-handed wonder."  A one-handed pump is all it takes to release a rich burst of suds into your cupped palm, leaving the other hand free to keep baby safe and sound.

Babies love the soft foam, and you'll love the way it gently cleans and nurtures your little one with plant-derived moisturizers like extra virgin olive oil. The tear-free formula means you and baby can splish and splash as you please, turning bath time into a soapy playtime. When the fun's over, Baby Shampoo & Wash rinses clean and leaves your baby moisturized from head to toe.

Like all products in Seventh Generation's Baby Personal Care Line, Baby Shampoo & Wash is hypoallergenic, gluten-free and contain no parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. Baby Shampoo & Wash is also a USDA Certified Biobased Product (97%) -- your assurance that the formula is made from plants, not petroleum.

What makes bath time fun for your baby? Post a comment to this blog and we'll draw five at random to receive a free bottle of Seventh Generation Foaming Baby Shampoo & Wash.


spydersabs picture
Wow! I was unaware you made kids stuff!! Awesome!!! Can't wait to give this a try!!! :)
trubdawg picture
I just ordered from amazon and I cant wait to try it. Thanks so much for caring about the environment. Have a beautiful weekend.
flyingjanet picture
It would be fun to try it.
msyarber74 picture
No thanks! Which is also why I no longer buy California Baby
lesliemorrow picture
My boys love using products they can apply themselves (instead of mom helping), so the pump is very appealing to us!
Connie Ng picture
Connie Ng
Been a fan for a few years now ever since i discouver it at a local health food store and would love to try out another product of yours!
bluprncss picture
My almost 10-month old LOVES getting into the tub with her big brother. This would be a great product that I could use on both of them. This would fit well with the arsenal of 7th gen products we already use/
rebekah picture
Our little one is due in August and I want only the best products on his or her skin. Sounds like this is the perfect blend of safe ingredients and convenience with the one hand pump! We love 7th Generation and I would be happy to add another of your products to my shelf!
purter picture
to the delight of my 18 month old, sometimes I'll bathe his brother, who is 5 at the same time. It's so cute to watch them splash and have fun. Usually I end up mopping up the floor with towels from all of the splashing and giggling. I have to be careful about what type of baby wash I use on the little guy when his big brother joins the tub party because he has eczema.
jgcho picture
My second child is adopted so bath time is a special opportunity to strengthen our emotional attachment to each other. I'd love to try this product for my daughter.
Photodreams picture
The idea of having a one handed pump soap for bath time would literally be a life saver! I have a sixth month old who I have to wrestle with in the bathtub. I actually have to get in with him so I can use my whole body to hold him while I wash him. I've been in search of a soap that is clean and not slimy. I can't wait to try this out.