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Tuesday Morning Musings


When I think about what the world needs most and what I need to do to contribute to at my highest level of capability I think about what we need more of not what we need less of! I believe in endless possibility. That tomorrow doesn’t have to be the same as today. On a good day we use less that 5% of our potential, on a bad day we’re likely to use none at all. I believe nothing is impossible – unless we are thoughtless and lazy.

I believe that our world is at greater risk these days than ever before, but I know that we can generate the will and find the opportunities to create a better future than we can imagine today. We celebrate our efforts to stopping global warming, the reduced reliance on sweatshops, a smaller number of toxic chemicals in product design, less obscene wages paid to CEO’s, and preventing big box stores from destroying our downtown communities.

Yet, quite frankly the world is in too much danger to simply aspire just to do less damage. We need to do more. Much more. We need to create a vision of the world we want after we stop global warming, eliminate toxic chemicals and reduce health care costs, etc. To create a possibility that both fulfills our highest potential and ensures there is a sane, safe and decent place for our children & grand children requires we envision a world that has yet to be born. What do you envision?