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Try Our New Disinfecting Wipes and Sprays and Save!

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Spray Cleaner

Have you tried our new disinfecting wipes and sprays? Seventh Generation's new line of household disinfectant products kill over 99.99% of household germs* naturally on hard nonporous surfaces. (*Please see our label for full details).

Seventh Generation's disinfectants are Powered By CleanWell™ patented technology based on thymol, a component of thyme oil which is derived from the herb thyme.

"It is increasingly important to protect our health and that of our children by implementing good hygiene practices and using disinfectants around the home that are effective without the use of harsh chemicals," says Dr. Alan Greene, practicing pediatrician, leading green lifestyle authority, and best-selling author."

Look for our new Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner, Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, and Disinfecting Wipes at merchants that include Whole Foods Markets and other natural product retailers, at etailers that include,, and and at select mass and grocery retailers. For a complete list, click here.)

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smilez7 picture
I am soooo thankful the wipes came out because I have been wanting to disinfect my daughters battery operated toys and 7th Gen.'s wipes saved the day! Thank you!
Meade picture
I find it disturbing that a company that has been and wants to be known for being environmentally responsible and whose founder is currently touting his book on corporate responsibility, now is pushing disposable wipes. These are not environmentally responsible; they fill up the landfills; they use nonrenewable resources. 7th Generation is meant to lead the way, not follow all the other "greenwashing" corporations!
saran picture
I purchased the bathroom disinfecting spray and was excited to start using it. Unfortunately the nozzle doesn't work! I emailed the help desk about a week ago and still have not heard back. I am wondering if there is a way to fix the nozzle or if the bottle I bought needs to be returned.
AKLING picture
I do not normally comment but I feel that I must. I use all of the 7th generation products and I love them all. Last week I bought and used the Bathroom Disinfecting Spray and I thought it was great. It cleaned well and and I absolutely loved the smell. It shocked me to hear that others did not like the fragrance. Everyone has a different opinion and that is cool so the solution is variety. 7th Generation please do not stop making the new line.
Annette13 picture
I bought the new wipes and I also think that the smell is a "bit much". Additionally, the way the packaging is, the wipes come out all at once, not individually. Thank you.
casseygolden picture
I just purchased this today and read these comments before trying it out. I was concerned about all the negative comments about the smell, so I just went to try it. It's really not that bad! I don't mind it at all, really. It's not your typical cleaner smell, but it smells like herbs. It is a very natural smell. Anyway, if you're considering this product, please don't be too scared off by the smell issue. You might not mind it. And if you do, I'm sure Whole Foods or wherever you got it from would be okay with a returned bottle. I think this is a great product, and I'm so glad 7thGen finally has an actual disinfectant!
allison2714 picture
I tend to do a lot of research before trying anything new, so I'm glad I read the comments here. Unfortunately, this has ensured that I won't be buying any of 7thGen's disinfecting products. ***BUT*** I do have to say it is EXTREMELY refreshing to see a company that allows people to make comments on its website. It gives me confidence that 7thGen will listen to these people & make changes that will please customers & stay true to their values. Really great solutions don't come from miraculous situations but rather learning from mistakes. Keep trying! :-)
jeanhuegel picture
I have to agree with the posts above with regard to the smell associated with this product. It is more than terrible - it actually makes me sick to my stomach. I am very disappointed and I will not purchase it ever again. I am most likely going to throw away what I have left - which is nearly the entire bottle. When I have used it, it brings on coughing spells. What a major disappointment in a product.
Weatherlight picture
"Natural" doesn't mean safe. Cyanide is natural too. I don't want to be ingesting large quantities of either. Most pine and all cedar beddings should never be used for small animals, they cause everything from lung irritation and cancer to kidney disease and liver failure. Why? Same reason as this cleaner: Toxic phenols. Some types of treated pine products can be ok, so long as there is zero smell. If you can smell the wood, the toxic phenols are still there and the product should not be used until the smell is gone. I don't think 7th Gen (or anyone else) can effectively mask the smell that comes from using concentrated phenol chemicals extracted from thyme, any more than you can mask the phenols from cedar and pine. You can try it. Use your own essential oils or whatever, add it in this cleaner, mix it up. (Don't blame me if there are bad chemical reactions, of course.) Does that mask the smell? I haven't purchased this and probably never will. I'm sticking to good old environmentally-friendly (and relatively safe) hydrogen peroxide (which breaks down into oxygen and water) and alcohol for my disinfecting needs, such as sterilizing the ports of IV fluid bags. Regular soaps and detergents will get rid of nearly all germs anyway; you don't need an added toxic chemical (whether the toxic chemical is "natural" or not) to kill off more unless you're at high enough risk, eg you have leukemia, are on chemo, and take steroids. And if your health is so bad to begin with, don't mess around with dangerous disinfectants (like this one). Have a family member or someone use the toxin of your choice while you stay out of the room until it's gone. And if you do have a need for persistent disinfectant/antiseptic activity, chlorhexidine is safer than triclosan. All that said, low levels of phenols ("natural" or not) are unlikely to kill healthy adults. Low levels of cyanide are also unlikely. So while I don't recommend spraying phenols into the air your breathe, and I don't recommend eating apple seeds, tiny amounts are probably harmless.
alvintrio picture
Whew, glad to hear it wasn't just me that didn't like the smell! I actually keep using it thinking that I'll get used to the smell, but nope! It still STINKS! I'll be checking out other stores to see if they still have the free and clear on the shelves and using the tip on here of just using the disinfectant after cutting chicken!
nicoletucker picture
I recently switched to homemade cleaners/green cleaning and was so excited to use this disinfecting spray becuase it can be tricky to make a reliable and effective disinfectant at home. The first time I used it, I turned on my stove vent, my overhead ceiling fan and cracked a window because it smelled so nasty. Not to mention the fact that you have to let it sit there until it dries...ugh. (I seriously avoided my kitchen for hours). I tried it a second time today becuase I got chicken juice on my counter and it still was just as terrible. I'm considering taking it back to the store and asking for a refund. Until Seventh Generation can figure out how to add some essential oils or something to make it more tolerable, I think it's going to be off my cleaning list. picture
I too bought the new disinfecting spray because it replaced the 'free and clear' one I usually bought at the store. I noticed the new bottle/sprayer and liked it very much in comparison to the old one, but when the solution actually came out of the bottle, I thought "what is that smell?!" Yuck. Thyme may be a good cleaning agent, but there must be a way to mask the smell. I now have a whole bottle that I don't look forward to using... don't think I will be buying this product again which is a shame because I really liked the old one and we are big SG fans/purchasers. Hope something will change in the solution's make-up and/or smell.
imperatrix picture
I intended to use the wipes to clean my pets' homes (followed by thorough rinsing, of course). But I will not subject them to a scent that, in my opinion, is an unholy combination of menthol rub and cigar smoke. I used the wipes to clean a bathroom. They clean very effectively, but the smell lingered in the air and on my hands for a long time (even after multiple washings with soap and stainless steel). I worry little can be done to adjust the scent while still keeping the products natural and non-toxic. As such, I'm sticking with the Free & Clear products. By the way, the hedgehogs and I are still waiting for Free & Clear hand soap.
zoomzak picture
I'm thrilled that Seventh Gen has made a disinfecting spray, however, I agree with the previous posters about the strong fragrance. I'm actually hesitating using it again because of this. Why can't we have a free and clear version? As a matter of fact, the store where I normally purchase Seventh Gen products no longer carries the free and clear. It's been replaced by this product. I won't purchase this again unless they remove the scent.
mrvica69 picture
I love the spray. I can finally relax when disinfecting my home and not feel nervous spraying toxic chemicals around my small child. The smell is fine. Doesn't bother anyone in my household one bit. I'd rather have almost any kind of natural smell in my home than an artificial chemical smell. We are all very happy to have a cleaning product that is natural and does the job of disinfecting. Plus, I thought the price tag on it was very reasonable. I do agree with MichellePar, though. We need to stop filling our land fills. I would like to see more of that material that looks like plastic, but isn't. It is made of cornstarch resin and is biodegradable. And the wipes themselves, I don't know what they are made of and if they are biodegradable. I haven't seen them yet and don't think I'll need them, since spray is doing the job just fine. Thank you.
MichellePar picture
Am I reading that right? Disposable wipes? Come on, that is really anti the whole Seventh Generation ethic. Why are you promoting a product that is destined for a land fill? Shame on you Seventh Generation, we deserve better than that.
MaineMel picture
I agree that this new Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner has a potent odor that lingers in my kitchen. I was excited about the disinfecting qualities, but the stinky smell is no way to gain fans. I don't use this unless I absolutely need to disinfect a surface; especially since the label instructions require you to let it air dry, giving it more time to spread it's funky smell. I hope SG will work on a better smelling formula. (Haven't tried the bathroom cleaner, so I can't say how that smells.)
lindadums picture
I should also note that I used the multi-purpose disinfecting spray. I did not realize there was one specifically for bathrooms. I'll have to keep an eye out for that bathroom product at my store. Thanks again!
lindadums picture
Thank you! I've just started making the official switch to green cleaners. I picked up the disinfecting spray and I LOVE IT! I am so hapy I made the switch! My bathroom counters literally shine! And, yes, I do clean frequently but the clean was so much more noticable after using the Seventh Generation product! I am hooked! The scent, yes, a little on the strong side (might take some getting used to) but I prefer it to the chemical smells my old cleaners left behind. Thanks so much for such a great product! I've also started using the laundry detergent and dishwasher gel.
kindlek picture
I absolutely LOVE the new disinfecting spray! It has a wonderful scent also. It smells much like Melaleuca's Sol-U-Guard Botanical but with a much more friendly price tag! Thank you for introducing this new product to the line!