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Troubled Waters

Author: the Inkslinger

Who owns the water? It’s a good question, and once we get past the whole planet-melting-into-a big-squishy-puddle thing, it could end up being be the key query of our time. Indeed, a lot of experts think that water is likely to become the main wellspring at the center of future international conflicts. Here on the home front, the situation is not that extreme, but we’ve got our own issues, one of which is that corporations are slowly assuming control of this necessary resource and reselling it in bottles for big profitable bucks.

From the resources water bottles require and the waste they create to the trust in public water supplies that’s undermined by bottled water marketing, it’s just no good. Late yesterday a new call to do something it came over the wires, and it’s worth sharing. The Think Outside the Bottle campaign is asking everyone to pledge to opt for tap water (which is quite often the source of bottled water—how Bizarro World is that?) instead of bottled water and to support efforts to make sure corporations don’t run roughshod over communities and hijack this vital resource of the commons for profit. Makes buckets of sense. Lots of good info at their web site. Read it, sign up, and drink down.