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Treasure Hunting

Author: the Inkslinger

So it’s not just me. Seems like nearly everywhere I was looking I was seeing Seventh products. At first I thought maybe I just needed a vacation, but no… It turns out that our stuff really is appearing all over as part of that time-honored Hollywood tradition known as product placement. We’re getting so omnipresent you can even play a fun game when the Teevee ceases to adequately entertain: find the Seventh Product on the set. Double points for all non-kitchen appearances…

Elsewhere in Videoville, the Today Show put us front and center stage in a green kitchen segment with author Renee Loux, who nicely sums up all the right whys and wherefores and is apparently a big fan. (As an aside, can I just say that it was just a tad ironic to find my viewing of the video clip being sponsored by Dawn dish liquid!)

Out in Blogdom, sensors indicate that Jeffrey has popped up with a great piece on the Corporate Responsibility Officer blog about the future he sees from here.

And we got a nice shout out from the Tao of Change. Thanks for the kind words!