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The Grass is Growing at the Roots


As I read the news these days, it's almost impossible not to come to the conclusion that things are bad and getting worse in a hurry! But as is usually the case, the good news is just harder to find because, well... It doesn’t make very good news.

So to brighten up your day, take a look at a story in the July 31st issue of The Nation by Mark Hertsgaard, Green Grows Grassroots. It’s an amazingly thoughtful and hopeful look at how grassroots organizing is making a comeback that is producing some pretty impressive positive change.

That change is symbolized by the new chairman of the board of the National Wildlife Federation, Jerome Ringo, a former petrochemical worker from Louisiana's "Cancer Alley." One of my favorite quotes is:

"Most environmental groups "were founded by people who fished to put fish on the wall, not by people who fished to put fish on the table.”
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