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Update: Rainforest Wins Reprieve. Amazon to Be Un-Soy’ld for Two Years

Author: the Inkslinger

According to news reports coming out of Brazil, the Amazon rainforest has been granted a stay of execution at the hands of soy bean growers. Responding to public protests and activist pressure, Cargill, Inc. and other major soy traders have declared that for the next two years they will stop buying soy from growers occupying newly deforested lands.

The decision should go a long way toward halting the clearing of rainforest for massive soy plantations. At least in the short term. If growers and potential growers know they won’t be able to sell their crops, they’ll have zero incentive to undertake the hard work of clearing tropical forest for new plantings.

As Jeffrey and Gregor discovered when they visited the region in June, soy farming has become perhaps the most destructive force in the Amazon basin. (Greenpeace has an excellent overview of the issue here. Be patient… it takes a minute or so to load.) The word that big international soy buyers will now refuse to tacitly fund this destruction is very welcome. It’s a temporary solution, of course, but it will buy some much needed time to (hopefully) put some meaningful permanent protections in place.

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Eating the Amazon

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Father Edilberto Sena, who Gregor and I visited last month in Santarem, Brazil, Is taking his fight to preserve the Amazon to the world stage. Check out this great story from Britain's newspaper, the Independent, on how Cargill is trying to eat the Amazon and how Father Sena and the local community are fighting back!

Greenpeace is working hard on this issue as well. You can find out what they've found out here.

After you're done all your reading for the day, you can write or call Warren Staley, Cargill Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, and Gregory Page, President and Chief Operating Officer, to tell them what you think of what they're up to. Here's where you'll find them:

Cargill, Inc.
PO Box 9300
Minneapolis, MN 55440-9300


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Return From the Amazon

Author: Gregor

Jeffrey and I are back from our journey through Brazil, our heads still buzzing. Re-entry is a strange process. The world we've come from and the world we inhabit are so different that they don't even seem to occupy the same plane of existence. Transitioning between them is interesting. Here are some initial reflections and a photo from the river.

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