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Top Ten Baby Gifts for 2012

Author: Seventh Generation

What are the must-have baby gifts for this year? We asked our Facebook community to share their top baby-gift-registry items and compiled the top ten recommendations into this list for 2012. Any one of them is sure to delight a Mom-to-be!


Top 10 Registry Items for 2012:


  1. Gift Certificates for Mom
  2. Basket full of baby items
  3. Seventh Generation diapers and wipes
  4. Cloth diapers
  5. Wrap baby carrier
  6. Sophia the Giraffe
  7. Boppy
  8. Baby bottles
  9. Nursery cleaners
  10. Seventh Generation baby bath products



wastemanagement99 picture
Wow, it's amazing what a silly, simple three sentence comment has brought about. Stirred up quite a debate. Rock on fellow Mommas for having such a strong stance about breast feeding. But let's keep in mind that whoever posted that first comment is probably just trying to start something or "be different." You'll notice we never heard back from that person. Sometimes it's better to not even dignify something that lame with a response. Anyway, they're your boobs, it's your baby, do what you will. It's nobody's say so otherwise. Peace out.
esthercolbert825 picture
Criticizing what a woman decides to do with her breasts is retro. Worry about your own lifestyle-related parenting decisions... It is criticism from judgemental people like you toward new moms that can contribute to stress, depression, feelings of guilt, oh, and post partum depression. So you go do you with yours, and let everyone else do theirs. Or go to medical school and then try to say that breastfeeding moms are better than bottlefeeding moms. It's ignorant people who THINK they know what's right all the time & who push their lifestyle views on others, who turn me off from going to the natural food/product stores. Bottlefeeding isn't retro. So get over whatever la leche league said.
indigo_eyz picture
While it is fantastic that you were able to breastfeed both of your children, your statement that any woman can breastfeed if they want to is a gross overstatement. I'm living proof of that. I did everything under the sun to increase my supply to that needed by a growing newborn, to no avail. I had a whole cadre of lactation and breastfeeding experts helping--the supply was simply not there. I pumped, I tried fennugreek (and smelled like a maple syrup factory the whole time), tried specially compounded galactogogue, you name it. All I wanted to do was nurse my baby, and I couldn't. And then I went into liver failure and the steroids needed to save my life killed off what little supply I had remaining. For you to imply that if a woman can't breastfeed that she must not really want to is naive and shockingly insulting. Why can't parents build each other up and support each other in doing the best we can for our children? Why tear each other down like this?
keristrawberri picture
What about mothers who adopt newborns? What about a woman with a double mastectomy? I could go on and on with exceptions, which wouldn't even include the women who can't produce enough milk, and need to supplement - and therefore needs bottles for same. In the end, a mother must make the best decision SHE can for HER child, and we should respect her without judgment, because we don't know her circumstances. And, frankly, some mothers may feel the benefits don't outweigh the burdens of breastfeeding. Since we don't know anyone's personal circumstances except our own, and we don't know how much breastfeeding may help a particular baby as opposed to another, we can't effectively make that judgment call for anyone except ourselves. So, let's all just get along and start supporting each other as women and mothers, instead of judging one another and tearing others down because of their choices. And FYI - I am a big proponent of breastfeeding, but I respect anyone who chooses not to or can't, for whatever reason that may be.
Thurly picture
As a relatively new momma myself (I have a 8.5 mo old) my biggest learning this year has been DON'T JUDGE!!! You don't know peoples circumstances. I have met a plethora of women who may or may not have needed support, compassion and yes bottles to provide their babes with milk (in whatever form necessary). In my own case, my milk took an extra almost 2 days to come in! As my sons weight was dropping quickly, and he was having trouble latching, and having trouble clearing billirubin we had to go to a crazy feed schedule with bf'ing, then pumping and formula supplementing. It only lasted a week and for a split second I felt guilty but then I realized we just had to do what we had to do to get through. And now he's a healthy big boy thanks to the love, support and bottles :)
Jude113 picture
Is being able to feed your child retro? I mean if you register for a breastpump, wouldn't you want bottles to go with it. What if you have to go back to work, need to be away from home for a feeding, or simply want to sleep through a 2 am feeding while Dad takes over LOL I personally had to switch to exclusively pumping and bottle feeding my first daughter after realizing with the help of a lactation consultant why I had difficulty breastfeeding. I continued to exclusively pump and bottle feed for a year with my second and third girls. They never needed a drop of formula, but boy did they use their bottles. In fact each girl only ever had (their own) two 4oz bottles. Just washed them often. I think a baby carrier is best to buy after the baby has arrived so you can try it on with the baby to get one that feels right on you. Buy it from an independent baby store with a certified baby fitter. We made that mistake and registered a Baby Bjorn from Target. I later went baby in tow to an independent store and bought a Moby carrier for myself. Also, cloth diapers & cloth wipes are best bought from a knowledgeable cloth diaper retailer, not a big box baby store. Really, these were the top 10? My top ten would have included more things actually needed to take care of a newborn. #1 infant carseat...can't take the baby home from the hospital without a car seat.
Sandra1277 picture
Everyone woman can breastfeed. I'm living proof. I'll spare you the details, but I'll just say this... if a woman wants to provide milk to her baby, she'll figure out any way possible to do it. The key word being "wants". I've had two babies in two years, and thanks to the advent of the Medela breast pump, both were/are breastfed. Oh, and I work. There's a new law that employers must allow women to pump when they need to. So, honestly, there really is no excuse these days. It makes me sad when women say things like "some mothers can't breastfeed" because that's just not true, and I'm living proof. And believe me, it has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life. But, the benefits to my babies far outweigh the discomfort - downright agony - that I've gone through to make it happen. It's all a matter of choice. Do you choose to do the right thing for your baby, despite the challenges, which I know can be many for some mothers, or do you choose to take the easy road and shake up some processed, unnatural bottle of formula? The choice is ours, indeed.
salmiakki picture
Really? "In this day and age?" I'll just assume you are referring to the fact that in your world, in this "day and age" there would be no need for bottles, because obviously every Mom will be breastfeeding. Hate to break it to you, but some mothers can't breastfeed, and I suspect a great many need to work during the day, and use the bottles to feed breastmilk anyway. It's one more expense that is still nice to receive in "this day and age." Not retro at all...just include a gift receipt.
SharonForrest picture
Baby bottles...really? In this day and age? How retro!