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Top 10 Baby Gift Registry Items

Author: Seventh Generation

We recently asked Nation members to share their top baby gift registry items. We sorted through nearly 300 of your product recommendations to form this best-of-the-best list, which is sure to delight a mom to be.

Nation Member's Top 10 Registry Items

  1. Boppy
  2. Seventh Generation diapers and wipes
  3. Moby wrap
  4. Medela breast pump
  5. Ergo
  6. Muslin swaddling blankets
  7. California Baby products
  8. Lasinoh cream and supplies
  9. Gift certificates for mom
  10. Bouncer

photo: gabi menashe


Jude113 picture
I defiantly agree with the madela breast pump! As a mom of two who ended up having to exclusively pump for both girls till age 1, I would add the "Easy Expression Bustier". It leaves your hands free initially for breast compressions and then later for entertaining baby, giving her a bottle, reading, checking email, and eating. It changed my life!
maisey13 picture
Explaining the eco-friendly approach of child-rearing products to parents always elicits the "well we raised you without them and you turned out fine!" Once we educated the grandparents on the dangers that now exist, the importance of a chemical free lifestyle and how it could impact their precious grandchild they were on board 100%! Grandma even gave a gift certificate to an online boutique that specializes in eco-friendly hair accessories for babies, toddlers and little girls... I never knew the toxins present in hair accessories! ( For goodness sake! Nice to know there are eco-friendly moms starting their own businesses when they can't find what the need in the marketplace.
adammom picture
I could not have made it to 7 months without those items! The only think I would add would be a swaddle with velcro, I could never figure out how to swaddle with just a blanket - but those muslin blankets come in very handy for other things.