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Tomorrow: Totally Cool or Kinda Creepy?

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So earlier this week I circulated a link to an interesting video about things to come and asked a few inspired protagonists here and there what they thought.

The future in the video is the future that is being built behind our backs. It is a question whether this is what the Buddhist tradition might call the "right" path... Funny how the designers of this path have not increased love and a genuine sense of humanity to all. Odd how we keep depending on the machine to be consciousness and not develop
our own deep sense of consciousness. This is why we need to think future and be designers of a more conscious world...

Here’s the video

Here’s the commentary it drew in our own circle:

Or we could just turn around and say hi and welcome to the rest of our existence on this planet together....whatcha doin'? I get suspicious of movements. I feel whole around harvest festivals and farmers markets and on country roads or with most dogs or sitting around having coffee or making music.


Meet George Jetson… Thankfully, things don’t always turn out as predicted… not that this truism guarantees that they will be any less bleak than depicted in the video. Maybe we need a Living Home Movement… a Living Life Movement... an Authentic Life Movement.


That future is not being built behind our backs. It is being built in front of us. It represents the aspiration of modern Western civilization. Man as god, creator of intelligent life on earth, life smarter than we are.

But with no consideration of the planet that must nurture us and our creations, and no thought given to how these marvels of our minds will be used for the betterment of the universe rather than our destruction.


You know that this is one of the things that I like about you: You never ask easy questions. I think M. is partially right in that it is being built in front of us. We have chosen not to look at it too closely as long as things do not get too bad for us or others that we might come in contact with. But because the changes are incremental and often subtle, we are like that frog swimming around in near boiling water without the good sense to jump out of the pot. The interesting thing for me is that I am a frog who has always known that the water is getting warmer, but it wasn’t until we came to Vermont and I stepped back 30-40 years into my past that I realized the true extent of the temperature change and how much we have collectively lost via the machine that creates a future that is good for the machine but not for us. Hey, maybe we should do something about this…


Interesting video. Highly questionable timeline. Hugely overly optimistic and myopic, that is it suggests a rate of technological development in the near term that we're nowhere near achieving (though granted technology generally follows something resembling a geometric progression) and tends to focus only on the positive developments that come from technological revolutions.

This seems like another in a long line of techno-utopian visions that ignore the enormous role of nature in the mix, in terms of both the natural world and human nature itself, and that usually get discredited for one reason or another as history unfurls. There are huge variables nowhere accounted for in these predictions.

I think it's highly likely, inevitable really, that we will evolve into a technological race. I think it's equally likely that we have no idea as yet of the true consequences of that eventuality, and that it's not all going to be happy sex with androids in a world of plenty, leisure, and super-cool 3-D reality nano-implants.

New technology will forever exceed our immediate ability to truly grasp it. It always seems to take at least 20-25 years after the introduction of a particular technology for humanity to get a genuine handle on it, to figure out its pitfalls and learn to avoid, eliminate, or ameliorate them. In the process we often get a rude awakening or two and more than occasionally find ourselves in a future we would not have "designed" had we had such 20/20 hindsight and any ability to "design" the outcome at all.

This is where ideas of inner consciousness and outer precaution come into play. When we evolve these notions and properly apply them to our interactions with the physical world, they are the tools by which we can successfully navigate the unknown waters of rapid technological change and the consequences it generates. They are the "warmth" we need to add to "cold" techno visions of the future like this, the humanity that you note is missing from the mix. If we can remain cognizant that we are not now nor shall we be for the foreseeable future as "gods," if we can remain "present" in our lives as natural animal beings, and in doing so preserve a certain necessary humility, if we can remember to evolve our selves as we evolve our skill sets, and to never let our abilities to manipulate matter and energy become a substitute for our abilities to reflect upon the world around us, we will be in a far better position to design a far more amenable future. We must make sure that we grow inwardly as we grow outwardly for the greater disparity there is between the pace we walk these two paths, I think the greater the likelihood that disaster, not paradise, will be our final destination.

But really the question is what do you guys think? Watch the flickering images then add your 2¢ to our dialogue


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I searched for companies (laundry detergent) that do not test on animals. I could not find and confirmation on the Seventh Generation website that there is no animal testing. Did I miss it?