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Today We Give Peace a Chance

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Author: the Inkslinger

Peace is something the world could certainly use a little more of these days. Or a lot more depending on which direction you’re looking. So today, along with a bunch of other people and organizations, we’re thinking about peace and encouraging peace and just sort of ruminating on the idea as way to tap into whatever universal mind there might be and send positive signals into it. The occasion, ostensibly, is the publication of a new book called Where Peace Lives by Debbie Robins. But really peace doesn’t need a day or a moment. It should live and be everywhere always. It’s how we’re going to get where we need to go. From how we treat each other to how we treat nature, it’s really the only road there is to take.

I think when we talk about creating peace we’re really talking about evolving to a higher plane. Because “peace” is not just about no war. It’s not merely a condition of existence, a switch that’s either on or off. It cuts deeper than that. It’s a state of nonviolent being that exists on a higher plane. It’s the culmination of the acquisition of the wisdom needed to expose violence for the cruel madness it is. And once we see, we’ve grown.

Violence is no-brained. It’s as easy as raising a hand or a voice, a child-like elemental reflex that springs not from our powers of higher reasoning but from deep within our reptilian brains. It’s the easy way out, the simpleton’s solution. Peace, on the other hand, requires patience, perspective, nuance, empathy, selflessness, all hallmarks of evolved intelligence. Unlike violence, which leaves only ruin and despair in its wake, it’s an outcome that takes a lot more work but yields lasting hope.

Pick up a copy of Where Peace Lives if you like, but more than that spend today and indeed everyday teaching peace to a planet that needs it now and evermore.