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“Today Show” Organic Product Segment Is So Yesterday

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Author: the Inkslinger

Special thanks to friend and customer Jack, who alerted us last night to a segment on yesterday’s Today Show about organic foods. As Jack noted in his e-mail to us, the 6-minute piece contained plenty of debatable points. I watched it last night and agree. I’d add that it also just about completely missed the boat on many of the most important aspects of organic food. In general, the segment felt more like sloppy fluffy filler than a serious news report seeking to actually inform the public.

But here’s the kicker… Jack writes:

“At the end, the reporter referred to a 7th Gen package on the counter and said, "Do we really need organic toilet paper?" followed by laughs in the studio.

You can watch the segment here. (The Seventh mention comes in the last few seconds.) Afterwards, if you feel so inspired, you can head over to the discussion thread for this segment on the MSNBC forums and drop off your opinions. Jack’s spot-on comment there drew a big round of virtual applause here in Vermont:

“Ha Ha Ha - Funny joke at the end about "organic" toilet paper. The toilet paper on the counter, Seventh Generation, is not Organic. This shows how ignorant most people, including those that are supposed to actually study and report on these issues, are regarding natural and organic products. The issues discussed in the story are important, but are not the only ones germane to natural products. For example, many toilet papers come from virgin trees harvested from the Boreal Forest/Circle which is one of the largest carbon sinks in the world. Without these trees, no amount of toilet paper in the world will clean up the do-do we'll be in as a planet. Nice "reporting" Today.”