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Tips from Sue: How to Clean Pans

Author: sueh

Unbleached Paper TowelsI like to take special care when cleaning my pans. They are seasoned with olive oil, and in order to keep them naturally non-stick, after cooking I prefer to wipe the inside with one of Seventh Generation's Natural Paper Towels.

I do this while the pan is still warm. If some cooking residue remains, I run a little water into the pan and swish it around with the paper towel.

I like using our Natural Paper Towels for a number of reasons: they can be composted, they are tough enough to do the job without any soap, and I don't have to use a cloth that will need to be laundered.

Last but not least, I like that they are a natural (brown) color, meaning that an extra step wasn't used at the manufacturing level to whiten them.

Happy pan wiping!


mommafletch picture
Why did it take me 43 years to discovered seasoned cast iron?? I love this stuff- usually I just wipe out, put in a teaspoon of oil, swipe around, and throw 'em back in the oven, and they cook better than any other pan! If I had a bunch of gunk in the bottom, I will soak the warm pan with plain water for a few minutes first, but that's all it ever takes! The old timers used to say, the uglier the pan, the better it works!
Heatherkane picture
Spinkle a little bit of baking soda in the pan with a small amount of water to make a thick paste, let sit about 5 mins. maybe longer if it is really bad and it washes away with ease.