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Tips from Sue: Fresh Air

Author: sueh

Open WindowWinter is definitely here in Vermont. It's too cold to open the shades until the sun comes up, and then only the eastern ones needed for solar warmth. Today's average home is pretty air tight, so this time of year we also deal with stale air in our homes. Did you know that little dishes of distilled vinegar or baking soda (don’t mix unless you are looking for the volcano effect) placed in strategic spots throughout your home will help eliminate the stale air? Add a drop of essential oil to the baking soda to add a little spice to the air.

For those of you residing in warmer climates, it is still a good idea to freshen up your living space. It is amazing how air needs to be livened up a bit! The baking soda and vinegar will work just as well for you. Nothing can compensate for open breezy windows to change the air.

I've invested in air cleaners for both levels of my home and they do a fairly good job of moving the air and removing pollutants, but I still need to freshen the air. One habit I have is to use Ruby Grapefruit & Herb Glass Cleaner to wipe the walls of the entrance into the house, which gives a slight, fresh fragrance as you enter. All of our scents use essential oils so I don’t worry about health concerns or VOCs due to synthetics.

The first time the temperature is over 35 and the sun is shining, the heat goes off and the main windows are that's fresh air.

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kirsty22may picture
My husband thinks I'm bonkers, but as soon as he leaves the house in the morning, off with the heating and I open some strategic windows and doors on both levels of the house. I have a distaste for heating systems as it is, but living in Michigan has made me reconsider somewhat! I also feel that there is little need (nor justification) to have the house toasty warm ALL the time - again, my husband looks at me askance when I tell him that I have a nice warm coat that I can walk around the house in, instead of cranking up the heat! I feel a little better knowing that I am using less energy and compromising. I just read another article on this site, in which it said that if we all just became more conscious and aware of our choices and subsequent actions, oh what a glorious, combined effort we could all make. Gaia is hurting from our excessive consumption - we live on a living, breathing planet that was given to us as a gift, not something that can be continuously trashed and used as a convenient dump site!!!
GOforchange picture
I love tips like this. Baking soda and borax are the answer to every household cleaning problem.