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They’re Changing It

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100 of the brightest, most passionate college kids committed to learning the art of social and environmental change have gathered at our Greenpeace activist camp in the 100 degree heat of Washington, DC. These kids have stepped forward to hold themselves accountable for ensuring that we create the kind of future we all dream of. They are not afraid to dream big dreams. Dreams of a world yet to be born. Of a world we are not yet able to see.

The future is in their hands and, more than most, they are willing accept it. They do not look back. They look forward. They are less encumbered by the paths and patterns that keep us locked into the endless cycles of the despair that dissipates hope.

They are curious and unafraid. They have a spirit that is infectious. I am honored to be in their presence, honored to have helped bring them together, honored to share in this small part of their journey with them.

They are the future rising before us. The future that is revealing itself to us if only we can be present enough to see it.

They are learning about strategy, issue selection and definition, fundraising, organizing, non-violent action, telling stories, negotiation, and policy analysis. They are learning how to make the world a better place. They are learning more about what they want the world to be and the challenges and obstacles they are likely to encounter along the way.

They will be taught be each other and by the team from Greenpeace, an organization which over the past 35 years has developed the finely honed tool kit needed to successfully build social & environmental change.

From our imaginations and the conversations they fed barely nine months ago, this moment has been born. Being surrounded the cheers and challenges of these 100 kids, I am filled with hope and possibility. I am more confident that things will turn out alright. I am lucky to be here, to do what I do, to help in this way and to witness the rise and the power of the next generation.

Here’s some inspirational video of Greenpeace heroes in action: