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Thank You for Helping Us Save 500,000 Trees

Author: Seventh Generation

While you always know when you've helped the environment, it can be hard to know just how much. But there's a ticker on our home page that spells it out in black and white. And sometime today, it's passing a real milestone: The 500,000th tree saved from the axe.

Believe it. Since we sold our first roll of recycled bathroom tissue almost a quarter century ago (and raised a whole lot of eyebrows doing it!), the recycled paper products we make have kept half a million trees standing. That's half a million trees preserved to shelter wildlife and clean our air. Half a million trees to cool our planet and protect our forests. Half a million trees to bring beauty to our world.

We can't say whether those trees are in our national forests or private woodlands. We don't know if they're in the Canadian boreal wilderness, on Rocky Mountain slopes, or in our own New England backyard. We can only say that somewhere out there, they're still standing, and where the environment we share is concerned, that's all that matters.

It's a huge accomplishment, but make no mistake—it's not ours. It's yours. Because really, we just supply the goods. It's our friends and customers who make the real difference by using them. One roll at a time, box by box, you've dedicated yourselves to the idea that there is a better way, and we can all bring it home and put it to work.

Those half a million trees say others things, too. They say we can build a healthier and more sustainable future for our kids, that they don't have to inherit a throwaway world. There are ways to protect the things we depend upon for life without creating lives that lack. The trees you've saved tell us we just need to imagine that future and refuse to call it an impossible dream. When we do, good things happen.

This is the power of what we do together, and it's saving trees and a whole lot more every single day in every way that counts. That ticker on our home page just reminds us that it's time to say thanks.


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OMA1234 picture
Since I was diagnosed with fragrance allergies, I am so glad that I found your products. If you have any coupons, Please so advise on my email. Thank you from a senior.
Denisede picture
Now that Scott has started it, when are you going to remove the cardboard tube from the rolls?