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The TamPontification Inundation

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Cross-posted by Jen and Stacie on on 10.14.06:

Three days in Burlington, VT were spent with our minds, gear and binders being jam packed. Sincere devotion, quality laughter, homemade apple pie and water soaked tampons (the ones we dipped in an effort to examine the differences between radial and linear expansion, of course…but more on that later) were the order of the day, despite our ambitious agenda.

At the end of the first day in Denver, the words of Dr. Seuss, “But, oh the places you’ll go,” resonate in our minds. Now on the road, our sentiment expands upon his words: “But oh, the people we’ll meet.” Some of the Seventh Generation characters who have already made an impact…

Louis, the French-Canadian engineer and fem care product developer, who has a knack for deconstructing maxi-pads and for pronouncing “under-wear” with intonation that makes it sound like a question.

Sue, who puts herself on the line by living on the other end of your phone line, answering consumer questions with far more than just piss and vinegar - equally as passionate about her own experiences with menstruation as she is at offering knowledge, brownie recipes and a listening ear.

To endearing Martin (aka Science man) who, as labor of love, steps away from complex formulas and molecular configurations to expound on the environmental and personal issues regarding chlorine, our least favorite preceptor to dioxin.

And all of those dogs – the farting, crotch sniffing, accident having family members at Seventh Generation, who remind us that home is not the only place the heart is. It can also be found in large doses at the office.

An honest thank you goes to the passionate people who have sent us off – cameras in hand, maxi-pads under seat and Prius underfoot. We are well on our way because of all of you.

Jen and Stacie