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Tampons, Tampons, Tampons!

Author: Kendra Sibilia

Women like a lot of things, some may even say they have too many things. Too much make up, too many shoes, too many of the same black t-shirt. But there is one thing women can never have too many of: Tampons. If they’re on sale, if we won’t need them for weeks, or even if we are just in the store, we buy tampons!

Now imagine you couldn’t afford them. Your next period is dreadful enough wondering where you are going to get your next tampon. A lot of women actually live this way. It is horrifying to think about, and the alternative methods women must result to are saddening to say the least.

Seventh Generation has created a lot of talk about this issue by
promising to donate a box of tampons to a women’s shelter in a specified state when someone drags a heart into a house.

Women all over the internet are discussing this issue and sharing the website. It is wonderful to see because women everywhere are recognizing this need and wanting to do something about it. Women are bonding together to help other women solve a problem that shouldn’t even exist.

Strangers are talking to each other about a common problem and are being proactive together. It is inspiring to see this kind of interaction among bloggers, and who knows what else we can accomplish!

UPDATE: Click here for a followup on this campaign!