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Taking Seventh Generation On The Road, Part 2

Author: Zak Jensen

We're moving cross-country, from Burlington, Vermont -- the hometown of Seventh Generation -- to the West Coast. Along the way Vanessa and I are visiting a handful of stores to share product samples and talk to people about green cleaning and personal care products.

Currently we're on the road in eastern Wyoming, headed to Salt Lake City, Utah. A fortuitous wrong turn led to a small natural foods market in Gillette, WY called Bev's Brew & Health Stop. They had Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes in the bathroom! Below is a summary of our stops since Fresh Pond in Boston.

Our next update will be from San Francisco!

Stop 2: Cambridge, Massachusetts, River Street Whole Foods

Whole Foods provided a table for us in the midst of their Oktoberfest parking lot party, right next to a polka-playing trio called Clockwurst Knockwurst. The Head of The Charles Regatta was also in progress just a couple blocks away, so there was a steady flow of people stopping by and taking samples, including many international visitors to the Regatta as well as a local landlord who wanted some laundry detergent samples to share with his tenants.

Stop 3: Chicago, Illinois, South Loop Whole Foods

We stayed with friends in Chicago who had a bottle of Seventh Generation dish liquid (Lemongrass & Clementine Zest) by the kitchen sink. The lunch hour at Whole Foods was busy with all kinds of people. One guy, unfamiliar with Seventh Generation, was impressed with the products but assumed that, "...they must be pretty expensive." After checking the prices he seemed excited to try them all! Before leaving, we dropped a tote bag of samples in the break room for employees who weren't able to stop by the table.

Stop 4: Minneapolis, Minnesota, Minnetonka Whole Foods

We met some really nice folks in Minnetonka. There were many comments on the new 4x laundry detergent packaging. People love the idea of a recyclable/compostable bottle and were happy to hear how much less plastic is used.