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Sweepstakes and More As We Say "YAY EARTH DAY!"

Author: Seventh Generation

At Seventh Generation, Earth Day is a time of great celebration! We hope you'll join us by visiting our Earth Day page and participating in our Green Your Town sweepstakes, where you can win a $10,000 green makeover plus one thousand healthy home starter kits for your neighborhood.

Seventh Generation dedicates 10% of its profits to non-profit community, environmental, health, and responsible business organizations working for positive change. On Earth Day, we'll close our offices for a few hours and take to the streets of our hometown, Burlington, VT, to give out product samples and tell our friends and neighbors about those organizations.

How are you saying "Yay to Earth Day?" Let us know.

photo: D. Sharon Pruitt


Chavawn picture
I manage the landscaping for a local community center housed in a rehabilitated historic school building. What was once an acre of weeds is now a jewel in our little working class neighborhood. Folks walk there dogs here just to take in its beauty. Lots of events are held at the community center--even wedding receptions!With an early spring this year, our Scarlet Baby tulips and yellow daffodils are leading off the show. (We planted over two thousand bulbs over the last two years.) In a few weeks we will be able to plant in the community garden we installed last year. So "Yay to Earth Day!" Lincoln Community Center (laramielcc@gmail.com)
amyroo picture
Earth Day is my birthday, and I love it! I recently joined our chapter of Keep America Beautiful (Keep Woodland Park Beautiful), and I love making things, so I was in charge of making the poster for our town's Earth Day Event at the library. I made a poster out of re-used cardboard & some paint & recycled paper, and I think it turned out really well. I was excited to see people stop at our poster and take an application to be on our committee or pledge to come to our town's clean-up day. And my son was so excited about the poster making that he made his own poster for our front yard (with leftover stickers and cardboard), reminding people to Keep Woodland Park Beautiful. Yay for Earth Day Birthdays!
jkubemt1 picture
I had to do my earth day alittle early. Yesterday my husband and I recycled. Took the aluminum to the recycle place that we had gotten at work and saved from going to the dump. I however think that earth day is every day. We do what we can every day like gardening, cleaning up around our work area and in our back yard, which is a moutain.
NewGreenMom picture
On hearth day and alwayss let's all remember that United we can do so much, I've recently started a House Cleaning Business where I'm teaching my employees to be environmentally aware and use green products also I've mentioned it to everybody I know that 7th Generation Products are one of the best ones around(like customers family and friends). And I also started at home doing all I can on saving energy, recycling, eating organic etc. little changes add up. Many Blessings Everybody,Happy Birthday Mother Earth!!!
mamamyracle picture
We just finished planting our raised garden boxes with seeds. This year we have two boxes! We are apart of our local CSA program. Next week my son starts solids and we will be making his food from our organic and local basket we get each week. We use vinegar and baking soda for most of our cleaning and seventh generation products for our dishes and laundry. We use reusable grocery bags, we compost, canteens instead of bottled water, we buy used clothes and if we buy new we buy organic material, and we would love to have solar panels but cannot afford them, bummer!
Loralee Clark picture
Loralee Clark
I'm teaching in my son's class--earth's renewable resources, trees specifically, and getting them to write poems.
Vmert picture
I plan to visit our newly opened food co-op to get locally grown and organic grocery items. I recyle every day. I'm hoping to plant some herbs and veggies in pots on Earth Day as well. :)
Melissa picture
I went vegetarian then Vegan in 2011. I also started a veggie garden from seed last month! Wish me luck w/ the transplanting in a few days. YAY EARTH!
stef42678 picture
I am a huge believer in doing something everyday to help the Earth, so I love Earthday because it gives me the chance to help others do something green too! This year I bought reusable shopping bags for my friends and am volunteering at a local museum to do craft projects and education programs on being green with adults, kids and families in the community. To go green everyday, I encourage others to do simple things to help the planet like recycling, using less water and buying organic and sustainable foods.
AmbersPlanet1 picture
I buy whatever I can organic but I would always put them in the plastic bags that say organic. It hit me one day how stupid that was. So now I just place the fruits and vegetables in the cart and in a cooler in my car. It's a little thing but if every one did it there would be a lot less plastic in teh landfill. Also I get such a rush putting out the recycling on Tuesday morning because it is always brimming and sometimes I only have one little sack of garbage and I dont even put it out. I do lots of other stuff too but those are my newest joys.
vwlady54 picture
I live very green everyday. I make all of my own cleaning products. Except for Seventh Gen. dishwasher powder & Rinse Aid. I recyle old clothes into quilts for the animal shelter for cat cages. I live in a state park so I'm very committed to doing all I can to protect the environment. I have shared my cleaning "recipes" with friends and family, and they have shared with their friends, so it really does have an impact, no matter how small the effort. Every small step protects Mother Earth for the future generations.
butterbean picture
While teaching my preschool children's yoga class we used Earth Day as our theme. We opened class with our daily affirmation stating that " I Love the Earth " we talked about the different ways to show how we love the Earth by recycling, conserving water, picking up trash,turning off the lights and TV when you leave the room. Our Yoga poses included the tree pose, the mountain pose, butterfly, and other yoga postures that have to do with nature. At the end of class we stated our affirmation again and each child came up and got to pick a sticker that had to do with recycling. What better way to help educate the new generation by starting at a young age!!
mamma5 picture
Yay earth day! I have started a go-green committee and for the first time started a book exchange day at my children's elementary school. Tomorrow we will be getting kids outside for Operation planet clean up day!
tljgh1966 picture
I'm switching out my old dishwasher for a new enegy star one. Also going to start a compost.
Chanti picture
Workshop sharing with my daughter's elementary school... Seed bombs in our outdoor classroom! I will share my recipe and shortly all 200 of us will be "bombing" everything in sight! We are also constructing raised beds with our local garden club. Teaching them to get their hands dirty is rewarding and fun!
slgtster91 picture
My daughters and I will spend some time on Earth Day picking up trash from along side the road. My older one has been asking about litter lately and trying to understand what litter is, so this is a perfect opportunity to solidify the concept for her.
SKIRBY611 picture
I am having an energy audit done on my home to see where my energy cost are going and how I can reduce consumption,
Charity Joy picture
Charity Joy
This is the very first year that I have been able to start my garden from seeds, indoors, and on time. I've always saved my egg cartons because they seem so precious. Well, now they are being put to use as seed starters. It has been so wonderful to watch them grow! My two year old son helps me to water them with a spray bottle. The other day he exclaimed:"lift me up so I can see your brother scouts,"( he didn't know it but he meant brussel sprouts);how cute.