Summer of Green Giveaway Week 4: Do You Love or Hate to Clean the Kitchen? | Seventh Generation
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Summer of Green Giveaway Week 4: Do You Love or Hate to Clean the Kitchen?

Author: Seventh Generation

Do you love or hate to clean the kitchen?

Tell us what you like most or least and we'll pick 20 Nation members to receive one of our new disinfecting products FREE!

Disinfecting spray cleaners and wipes are a handy way to protect against germs. Seventh Generation recently launched a line of disinfecting products that are Powered By CleanWell™ and derived from the herb thyme.


alternativehousewife picture
Cleaning the kitchen is definitely my least favorite chore, but NOTHING compares to the feeling of having a clean kitchen.
charliehawk picture
The kitchen is the heart of the home, and i hate a messy kitchen! I also hate harsh products:( Now cleaning isnt so bad at all! Especially now that I am learning more and more about more natural solutions!
kingburrows picture
Both! I love the smell while cleaning. I love the end result. But it's a dirty job that I don't look forward to doing.
katklaw777 picture
I don't really care for cleaning the yes, dishes no. The worse thing to clean is the do they get so yukky??? picture
I feel like it's front line in defense against illness so it has great importance. When my kitchen is in order I just feel better and it's so much easier to work in a clean, organized space. I love being able to just walk in and start something when I get an idea. I guess I do like cleaning it!
soluckyducky picture
I don't mind as long as I clean as I cook, but I hate when I leave it to do as one singular project. And I HATE cleaning up raw meat juice, like chicken.
Jessy2 picture
I despise cleaning the kitchen! We own a bicycle shop in ND, where we're lucky if we get 3 good months of summer, so needless to say, we're on a limited budget. I clean with a homemade vinegar mixture but then the house smells like vinegar and it really doesn't feel that 'clean' to me. Plus, I come home from working 2 jobs and cleaning the kitchen is the last thing on my mind....that's why it usually waits until Sundays :]
bna picture
Well, I consider myself a clean freak. I hate it when things are or get dirty. I have three children and are spending a lot of time in the kitchen for some reason. So yes, you can probably say, I love to clean my kitchen. Because I love and feel much better when everything is clean and it it's place. I actually get in a bad mood when I just cleaned something and somebody is messing it up again. It drives me crazy :-) Well, it is not as bad as it sounds :-) I guess, I would probably be bored if I don't have anything to clean. Wow, I would have so much more time though ;-)
jaolson picture
I despise it, so my hubbie usually does it! I know, I'm spoiled! :)
ingermj picture
Cleaning the kitchen is my morning "to do" before heading out the door to work each day. I like having my kitchen clean. After clearing the counters and washing the dishes I use the Seventh Generation Kitchen Cleaner (which smells like fresh lemons) then off I go. When I get home from work the kitchen is not the same (two kids and my husband have been busy) but at least I know I left it germ free for them to use at breakfast.
Lee4Trees picture
A sparkling kitchen counter is the definition of possibility. Who knows what might happen next? I love being in the kitchen; I love the excitement of infinite possibilities. Full cupboards, spice racks, and the clatter of dishware make my brain light up. I clean the kitchen happily because I want to create, over and over again, that fresh sense of potential. Sometimes I look at an overflowing sink of dirty dishes from cooking and hosting, and wonder why in God's name I don't have a dishwasher! But in the end, I get on with the task at hand and offer up a blessing for gifts of good food, good friends, and good living.
kerrym16 picture
I love cleaning my kitchen -- love to get in the corners and get all the crumbs. I've been converting to green cleansers, and I love the fact that I can get cleaning products that don't have that harsh chemical smell. The one thing I'd love to see is a 7 Gen product that I can use in place of my Swiffer Wet. For now I clean my hardwoods with that because the mop is just way too much work.
terilhack picture
I love cleaning the kitchen, every part except the part where I need to scrub the oven range. I could always want a pass on that since it is grimmey and dirty, and those cleaning gloves itch. Enter me in.
foxyrudemomof5 picture
Can't say I enjoy it! Maybe I will again once I finish organizing the kitchen, but its hard with 5 kids around, online school, and numerous dr visits for my daughter.
tnimmer picture
I like cleaning in general, and the kitchen is a great place because I feel so satisfied when it's all clean.
winter0824 picture
I don't hate it. Not my favorite thing to clean but it always looks so good when it is clean!! I cannot wait to wash my dishes with the Lavender & Mint dish can make it such a tranquil experience. =)
kalfonse picture
I LOVE to clean the kitchen... and just about every other room in the house! It's like free therapy for me. It helps me wind down and relax. Weird, I know. :op I can be a little OCD about it, but hey, at least I have a clean house.
jayota1209 picture
Yuck. I hate cleaning the kitchen and it always just gets messed up and dirty again in a couple of hours for the next meal.
Jackie Bauers picture
Jackie Bauers
I love to hate cleaning the kitchen. I love when it's clean, hate when it's not clean, hate to clean it but love when I'm done. I do try to clean as I go when I'm cooking to make it easier. Just one of those never ending chores - like laundry.
billiejj picture
I love it when it's done!
AmerBamer picture
The best part about it is how everything shines afterward. : )
emel picture
I love to clean kitchen and love to use environmental friently products. Also the product i use should be antimicrobial. I need to know that my family environment is clean and hygiene and i use environmental friendly products.
kt1969 picture
nope, don't like to clean the kitchen...or anything else! :)
kierbadu picture
I love having a clean kitchen but I do not enjoy cleaning it.
solstar picture
I hate dishes the most! They always seem to multiply even with doing at least one load a day. Of course, that could the fault of my ravenous children!
WesleysMom picture
I don't love cleaning the kitchen but I don't hate it either! It has to be done and using 7th Generation products makes it easier and I know it's safe using them around my one year old!
alissiam picture
I don't mind cleaning the kitchen when I am cleaning up after myself or from dinner time, BUT!!!!! When people (not mentioning names ....ugh!!) come in late at night to snack and leave crumbs and dirty dishes all over the place, then yeah, I do not like it then at all.
djbird picture
I love cleaning the kitchen...especially with my SEVENTH GENERATION Kitchen cleaner!!
ahljj picture
I love when my kitchen is clean. I hate that it's gets dirty so fast. Love the new disinfecting wipes to help clean it.
KMA picture
If given the choice between the litterbox and the kitchen I'd say I love cleaning the kitchen.
susiedag picture
I hate using harsh chemicals to disinfect, knowing they are toxic to our bodies. I love the new Seventh Generation disinfectants!
fabelap picture
I hate cleaning dishes! But love a super clean kitchen...It's never clean though. LOL! Love all my Seventh Generation products! :)
1mom22girls picture
I DESPISE cleaning the kitchen...probably because I have to do it a billion times a day!
jkeahey picture
It's a love/hate sort of relationship. I love it clean, but I hate to do it.
abbaqueen5 picture
it's a love hate relationship. I hate to actually do the work, but love the sight of a nice clean kitchen.
tinamilas picture
I love the sparkle and sine my appliances and counter tops boast after a good cleaning, especially when i know it was cleaned with environmentally concious products that are safe to use around my 9 month old daughter and my fur-babies.
marissaseder picture
I love cleaning the kitchen. It's great when everything is organized and put away, and nice and clean. I do hate cleaning the oven though. I save that for the hubby!
maggieped picture
I love having the time to clean my kitchen
jmwater7 picture
Love cleaning the counters!! Hate doing the dishes!
pholland picture
I don't mind cleaning the kitchen at all. It's just part of my daily routine
soccermommajenn picture
I do not especially enjoy cleaning the kitchen but I do LOVE the way it looks after I do!
maggie ohalloran picture
maggie ohalloran
I love cleaning the kitchen! It is so satisfying to watch things change instantly. As a human, especially a parent of a newborn, I never really know if what I am doing is working. When I finish cleaning the kitchen there is a nice smelling clean slate, no question. No nasty chemicals to worry if my newborn is watching, either.
LaVonMarie picture
I don't know what it is about a clean kitchen but it is a must and I do enjoy cleaning my kitchen. A must for me is a sparkling clean sink, wiped down appliances and a shiny countertops. There is something very simply satisfying about a sparkling kitchen...from there I can circle out into the rest of my house and clean it..but I always start at the kitchen... I think the main reason is that it is the heart of my home.
kristinwilson picture
I hate cleaning the kitchen because I have to look in every corner to get it all. But I love cleaning it too, it's smells so clean and fresh after cleaning and looks so much nicer! lol
saudisandy picture
While I love to cook, I hate cleaning the kitchen, especially cleaning up the pots, pans and stove. Sometimes my husband does it, but he usually doesn't wipe the stovetop or countertops.
pplanko picture
Cleaning the kitchen once was a chore and a bore. Don't get me wrong; I loved having a sparkling clean area to prepare meals for my family and friends, but the harsh chemical cleaners that choked me and left me wheezing and gasping for breath, well, those I hated! Since dicovering the SEVENTH GENERATION lifestyle, that love/hate relationship I'd been captive to for years is history. It's all love from here on out!
misskathymae picture
Love It!! ..It's the dirty kitchen that I LOATH!;0)
redone3953 picture
I love to clean the kitchen. Keeping it clean is a priority.
khaymax picture
Ugh! I would have to say it is my least favorite place to clean. :(
ninaflor picture
I love cleaning the kitchen after a wonderful meal or treat made. I feel it screams " Im ready for more fun!" I love the kitchen :)
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