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Summer of Green Giveaway Week 4: Disinfecting Spray Cleaners and Wipes

Author: Seventh Generation

Disinfecting spray cleaners and wipes are a handy way to protect against germs. Seventh Generation recently launched a line of disinfecting products that are Powered By CleanWell™ and derived from the herb thyme.

Tell us why you use disinfecting spray cleaners or wipes to Protect Planet Home™ and we'll choose 20 Nation members to receive one Seventh Generation disinfecting product FREE.


jzs picture
I use them to clean up puppy paw prints and toddler fingerprints
kingburrows picture
I have a son with an immune deficiency. I haven't used chemical agents in my home for 10 years and I'm not about to start now! LOVING that you are now making disinfectants, which will be quicker and more convenient for me to use in my home than my homemade non-toxic disinfecting methods.
maggie ohalloran picture
maggie ohalloran
With a newborn we are not planning to vaccinate I try to do what I can to get his little immune system up and running strong. I use the wipes on the surfaces around and on his changing pad. I feel good about using this product because I know it doesnt have the antimicrobial/biotic goop that hinders my babies own immune system.
sarahloo picture
i use disinfecting wipes/sprays as a final clean to the kitchen + bathroom surfaces. i also like to keep a pack of wipes in my car just in case.
Reiny Dey picture
Reiny Dey
We have 2 indoor cats and they are very clean. However they like to climb everywhere. I use 7th Gen wipes constantly on the bathroom vanity and the kitchen counter. Love the smell and that they are earth friendly!!!
LisaSVance picture
I'm on immune suppresant medications due to my arthritis and I swear by disinfecting products to kill germs around the house. I diligently use them throughout the kitchen, bathroom and around the house on door knobs and light switches to avoid getting sick quite as frequently.
Dannabug picture
I use sprays to keep my counter tops, son's highchair, bathroom and floor clean. I have an 18 month-old and it's easier to spray things down right after they happen versus going back later. (That & I like a clean home.)
carolpie picture
to clean doorknobs, light switches and phones to keep them germ free. Also refridgerator door handles, microwaves, counters, anything that gets handled alot to keep germs and sickness at bay.
Daisy4 picture
Seventh generation products are safe to use around pets and us. The pet spot cleaner work wonders. The all purpose free and clear spray is perfect for cleaning in the kitchen and the bathroom germs and grime are gone away. The laundry detergent is perfect for our sensitive skin, due to being free from harsh chemicals. The dish detergent is great, it gets grease, food and pet food off our dishes. We are very pleased with the products you provide, they are a big part of your daily lives. Thank you!
alw4ys picture
I use them for quick cleanup, especially in the bathroom and kitchen - those 2 places get dirty very easily since I shed hair like a cat (lol) and we love to cook a lot
kconey picture
I have two little boys. When I clean the younger one's highchair and all of the toys I want to feel confident that I am cleaning it with natural products and not chemicals that may harm them/us all later. I trust these products and are so happy they available!
jaolson picture
I use the wipes for ease and fast clean-ups for a busy family!
primamomma picture
Summer means sticky popsicle and roasted marshmallow messes at my house, so I use wipes to get rid of the stickyness left behind by my son.
vhill picture
I've had a hard time finding these, but love them for litter boxes, garbage cans and the bathroom. I work at an animal shelter and wish we could use natural disinfectants there. Bleach and quat are really bad for animals, but thats we have to use :(
kierbadu picture
We have a cat and a dog. They work great when I am cleaning out the cat litter.
veebras picture
I havent always used "disinfecting' wipes or sprays, never really wanted to. I thought a lot of it was all hype and over-cleaning/clean-freak stuff. Some bacteria is good. Anyway, I have recently been using disonfecting wipes for the bathrooms and sometimes for the kitchen counters. I have also used them on door knobs, pulls, etc. I use them mostly because of their conveinence and ease. I do like that they disinfect particularly for the bathroom cleaning jobs, like the toilet. Not exactly sure why my change of heart, I guess some of it has to do with me having two little ones and lots of neighborhood kids coming in and out more lately. Love the quickness though. Although a good ol' rag and some spray is much more envirobnmentally friendly, as there is not so much waste~!
TheLittleGreenBirdie picture
to clean both the kitchen and bathroom. I hate using harsh chemicals like bleach to clean (I feel like it doesn't even really clean, just leaves things toxic). I'm so glad 7th Gen. came out with this line, it's such a great alternative!
katklaw777 picture
I hate germs...I use disinfecting wipes on handles, door knobs, remotes and light switches. Anything frequently touched by many different hands. thanks
lizdehart picture
I use them when we are sick and the rare occasion I prepare poultry.
educate2inspire picture
I use these mostly to disinfect the counter after I've been cutting or working with chicken and other meat. As soon as that cutting board has been cleaned, I turn around and disinfect the counter!
muumol picture
I use disinfecting spray to sanitize my kitchen after handling raw meat, and to protect my family from diseases. When I do forget to bring my reusable bags to the store, I save them and use them as small trash can liners and use spray to disinfect them. While handling raw meat, I also reuse the plastic bags in place of disposable gloves and spray my utensils after using them. It's hard to use plastic bags as gloves at first, but it gets easier and I can use less spray and also save some money!
mzmoonpie picture
Why do I use disinfecting sprays? Two words - Twin Toddlers. And I just added a newborn to the mix. From potty chairs to booster seats, doorknobs to bathroom sinks, we go through a lot of disinfecting products!
jayota1209 picture
I love using the wipes because they are so quick and easy and I am confident that they are getting things clean.
danielle messner picture
danielle messner
i use seventh generation wipes because the are gentle yet effective at killing germs! as a life time sufferer of dermatitus i can use these wipes without gloves and they dont bother my oh so sensitive hands! other germ killing one eat my hands away! great product!!!!
misskatyiaj picture
i love using these wipes and other seventh generation sprays around the whole house, but i especially like to use the wipes around the sink, counter, and toilet. its an easy way to clean the bathroom without a lot of effort, and it works.
cheriebird picture
It's easy to use when I'm in a rush. I prefer to use just vinegar and baking soda for everything but it's tougher to use those in the bathroom. The spray/wipes are easy to use, safe, and do an excellent job!
wmartnz7 picture
Lemongrass and Thyme. I love how it smells and I clean when I don't need to because I love it!
ahljj picture
I love the wipes! Easy to use, safe for humans and my cats and dog, I know things are getting clean, and smells good. I use them in the kitchen and the bathroom. Countertops, sinks, toilets, door handles, light switches, knobs and buttons on appliances, etc.
TheSwanteks picture
I use disinfecting spray cleaners because my office is in a school, and germs travel around that school through all the kids. I need to stay healthy, and so I like to make sure that my office stays clean and that I stay healthy. I use the spray to protect planet office.
Jaymi16 picture
My husband and I are fostering puppies. The disinfecting wipes are convenient for quickly wiping down the floor and door where the puppies stay since they are not yet house broken. This also helps prevent my dog from catching anything harmful until the new pups are healthy from being neglected.
terilhack picture
I love the disenfectant wipes for places like the toddler potty seat, the toilet seat and the banister railings. Not that a wipe is used in that order ;) We use the concentrated disinfectant spray on reusable towels everywhere else, but for the toilets..... I use the disposable when the job is really messy. Enter me in away. Three kids keep cleaning busy ;)
julia7 picture
My house is usually govered in a layer of stickiness thanks to my toddler's sticky fingers! I love the disinfecting spray to clean EVERY surface :)
kt1969 picture
I use them for kitchen counters, especially if I have been dealing with raw meat, chicken or fish.
tybye picture
We use your wipes around the house becaues they are handy and less toxic than what we used to use! We will not name any names! I really appreciate having options. I really appreciate the convenience. Also if we use a wipe to clean say the counter we will rinse the wipe out and reuse. Not more than once, but we still try to get the most out of it as possible! ;)
tybye picture
We use your wipes around the house becaues they are handy and less toxic than what we used to use! We will not name any names! I really appreciate having options. I really appreciate the convenience. Also if we use a wipe to clean say the counter we will rinse the wipe out and reuse. Not more than once, but we still try to get the most out of it as possible! ;)
Earth Dancer picture
Earth Dancer
I have a 3 yr. old daughter, I like to keep surfaces, doorhandles, ect. clean, especially the kitchen and the bathroom, as to prevent sickness and such. Plus, I LOVE your products! :)
Astrotrain picture
I use disinfecting cleaners in the bathroom and kitchen to keep things free of germs and safe...I'd love to try this nontoxic kind
elle7715 picture
in the kitchen and bathroom! And other places when family is sick.
heliophilous picture
I use these products, because they kill harmful bacteria, such as Staphylcoccus aureus, Salmonella enterica, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Escherichia coli. What is wonderful about these disenfecting products, is that they kill bacteria naturally, without harsh chemicals, that could also harm myself and my family.
AlliCapps picture
I usually use another brand (Shaklee) at home in a spray bottle and rags to clean, but this years school supply list requested Lysol wipes. I refuse to let them choose my brand, so I'm going to use the coupon that came in the paper to buy 7th Generation Wipes. Maybe the kids will prefer them and they'll request your brand next year!
stloumom picture
I love using disinfecting wipes for quick cleanups, especially in between thorough cleanings. It makes things easier and quicker for those times when I can't get out everything and I have a kid on my hip.
sunnybabi1986 picture
I love disinfectent cleaners mainly for my bathroom!! I hate a dirty bathroom and I really feel like my bathroom is clean when I use disinfecting products :)
izzytigger picture
I use your disinfecting sprays and wipes because the idea of spraying 409 in my bathroom or around my kitchen to kill germs creeps me out. I don't want to risk my husband or cats (or me) ingesting it!
tnimmer picture
I just used the spray this morning to clean up a little accident in the kitchen. I love that it's safe to use around my one-year old.
jellybean1944 picture
I have a brand new baby and I need the house to be as clean as possible. I would rather spend money on cleaners that work instead of spending money on cleaners that only cover up the mess.
vrmontstr picture
I bought the disinfecting wipes to take with me on a road trip with hotel stays. It was nice to be able to touch the remote control...
KMA picture
They do a great job cleaning and I don't have to worry about my fur babies ingesting toxic chemicals on their paws (yes, they are counter-top walkers).
AmyFam4 picture
My kids are active and touch everything so it is important for me to use disinfectant.
azmarry picture
I like using the wipes for the bathroom yuckies. I use reusable cloths for the kitchen, but I don't like washing stuff that has cleaned the bathroom. Especially the potty training bathroom. eww.
AmerBamer picture
I believe it's important to get rid of dangerous germs, but I don't like the chemical residue left by other disinfectants.
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