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Storyteller Visits Seventh Generation

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"Stories in words are among our oldest, most powerful, most mysterious tools. Through mere sounds on the air or squiggles on the page they give us what no other technology can, ourselves." -Rafe Martin

Last Thursday we treated ourselves to a gift that was greater than we could ever have imagined. We spent a day learning how to be storytellers and having stories told to us by Rafe Martin. Rafe is a writer, actor, story teller and comedian who could pass for Robin Williams twin brother. If anyone had told me that he could keep our whole staff perched at the edge of their seats hearing him tell a Grimm Brothers Fairy Tale for 20 minutes I would have said they were crazy but he did just that and more.

Rafe talked about living in a world where our imagination and dreams are as threatened as our environment. Without imagination there are no possibilities. Stories and storytelling are the place that our imagination and dreams have historically lived. If you can win over someone's imagination you can win any war, solve any problem, create any possibility. Stories help build dreams, dreams help build community.

It was a wonderful day of awakening and self discovery. Seventh Generation is more story than anything else. Our products are primarily vehicles with which we cast our stories out into the world, and thus we spent the day learning to be better story tellers.