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Duke (the Chief Trim Tab Officer at Seventh Gen) and I spent 3 days in the SoL Executive Champions Workshop at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. There were 20 exec types from all walks of life delving into the idea of creating (presencing) pragmatic global change...Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer authors of the book Presence led the workshop.

I struggle with the idea of reporting back the "outcomes" of the three day experience; and still I thought to blog, as I thought
there may be others who come into our Seventh Generation blog-space who too would be inspired by this work. Nicanor Perlas Cadi from the Philippines said something that still resonates on how it is that we humans are ready to make an evolutionary leap to a "consciousness" where the present and the future are interacting in the everyday in the very movement of our work and in the relationships we form with others.

I catch glimpses of what I think lies at the heart of this thought, but it is too easily tsunami-ed in the repetitious behaviors of
the present state reality whose mantra is produce-produce-produce no matter what...It is time stop, no matter the anxiety stopping produces, and it is time to sit in the midst of a consciousness emerging with new questions, new insights and most assuredly new problems. It is time to stop, that's it - nothing more - just stop all the ticky-tock...