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Stand Up for Your Child’s Health by Supporting Chemical Reform

Author: Seventh Generation

A lot of us were babies ourselves - or not even born yet - when the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed in 1976. And now that we’re trying be good parents by protecting our own children, it’s shattering to discover that this 37-year-old law has allowed 62,000 chemicals to remain on the market, and another 22,000 chemicals to be introduced without being fully tested for their toxic effects on our children’s health or on their environment.

We’ve figured out how to protect our kids from germs, from overexposure to the sun, even from the bully in day care. But how do we protect their health and their future when TSCA makes it virtually impossible for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take action against dangerous chemicals?

Possibly the most heartbreaking news for parents trying to keep their children safe is that experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report finding 300 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cords of newborns -- including chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, respiratory disease and other health hazards. 

And the worst part about having toxic chemicals in consumer products? We just don’t need them. There are effective alternatives. Seventh Generation has been using green chemistry and plant-based ingredients for more than 25 years, working hard to make products that get the job done with none of the “iffy” ingredients.

So what can parents do to protect their children from harmful chemicals? Read labels, question ingredients, and join us.

Support the Campaign for a Toxin Free Generation by signing this petition.

Help protect your children by working to change the system that allows needless exposure to toxic chemicals. And spread the word to every friend, relative, parent, and business associate you know. Help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures and strengthen the movement behind chemical reform. We’re headed to Congress at the end of April to demand that decision-makers change the necessary laws so every parent can truly protect their children.


Rene Muinos picture
Rene Muinos
For a better world!
Kathleen  picture
chemicals are killing us !!
Jen t picture
Jen t
The government needs to make it harder for these products to get to the consumer instead of making it harder for the consumer to get rid of them. Stop thinking of lining your pockets and start doing the job you were elected to do!
sandra ledner picture
sandra ledner
Please protect our future generations from harmful toxins.
Catherine Price picture
Catherine Price
My children thought they were doing the right thing by using ORGANIC baby formula (for my grandchildren)supplementing breast milk, and found out it had high levels of ARSENIC due to the rice. GREAT, huh? Now what?
Nan Garcetti picture
Nan Garcetti
We are being poisoned each day. EPA needs to take action now.
Sharon Keane picture
Sharon Keane
It's time to put people first!
Ravi picture
I would do anything possible to protect our kids from chemical toxins
Hope 70 picture
Hope 70
Mass produced nutrition-less food and toxic chemicals are killing us!
god  picture
We're exposed to 82,000 un/undertested chemicals and congress has the G. D. GALL to DEBATE HEALTH CARE?
Ruth Adele picture
Ruth Adele
I am currently a victim of toxic metal poisoning and cannot get any help for this. I am going to die if I cannot reach anyone for the help I need. I am not a kook. I am a 63 year old mother who is trying to save her life. Please respond back. I desperately need your help!
Lisa Hartigan picture
Lisa Hartigan
stop the madness of money makers and do the right thing for this generation and those after. thank you for helping implement TOXIC FREE GENERATION!!!!!
ray allen picture
ray allen
When my son was a toddler, I could not take him down the cleanser aisle in the grocery store because it would trigger an asthma episode. One of my uncles, who farms, said that it scares him to know that pesticides are chemically similar to nerve gas, and wonders what his being exposed to these chemicals will do to him in the future.
Joel H. picture
Joel H.
Please get harmful chemicals regulated!
Yoway picture
you got my vote
Melissa H picture
Melissa H
Please, make the products we buy- that our stores openly & legally stock safe for US, safe for our environment and safe for our children and their future!
JohnSoz picture
Strengthen laws which police toxic chemicals in the environment!
Jessica a Crosby picture
Jessica a Crosby
Thank you!
RantRave picture
Your text should read "And now that we’re trying TO be good parents by protecting our own children". I'm certain that many people edited this ad before it went out. Your chemphobia scare tactics might seem more legitimate if you could compose your text correctly. And stop the "won't anyone think of the children" attitude. I guess people without children have no reason to use your products.
Dr Martha Meacham picture
Dr Martha Meacham
Primarily we need to stop glyphosate from the food chain. Stop Monsanto and Roundup now.
charles price picture
charles price
what about the fracking companysthey are pumping all kinds of poison into the air around comunitys and schools .you have your mind on farmers and blaming it all on them but how can you read labels when these companys wont tell what they are putting in the ground.
robin larsen picture
robin larsen
Please protect our children. I have an autistic grandchild. I am very concerned about our toxic environement
Davic  picture
I see jets flying round and round almost every day in the skies over N. Texas spraying chemical trail that morph into clouds. Population control disguised as weather modification. All that toxic crap is coming down to earth and winding up in our water and earth and then in our food. Nano particles of who knows what.
jill renee picture
jill renee
Thank you 7th generation for doing whats needed to be done for a long time!!
pat needham picture
pat needham
how toxic is aspartame to young children who drink sodas, popsicles, all kinds of sweets with this additive??????
k. woods picture
k. woods
We live in a farming community where some of the worst defects in children - and including delays d/t autism, adhd, etc. are seen. Frightening!
Navneet Datta picture
Navneet Datta
I support the Campaign for a Toxin Free Generation.
Shelley Sedivy picture
Shelley Sedivy
We need to protect our children from chemicals.
Jassa Paula picture
Jassa Paula
This is wonderful, thank you for posting. My child got sick from lawn chemicals a couple years ago, had a very bad reaction and I wasn't immediately sure what caused it. Since then, I have become more acutely aware of all the chemicals around us, and I have made every effort to cut them out of our lives, starting with chemical lawn fertilizers and weed killers. Nothing but organic lawns for us now. Here's something I was forwarded from my sister last month with some good tips for chemical reduction:
Casper3 picture
I will support testing as long as it is NOT ANIMAL TESTING. So important. Animal testing is antiquated and fallible, not to mention extremely over the top cruel. So, if your petition includes that, I am on board here. It is important to know, to what I am giving my vote. Being the company you are, I am hoping you are backing only NON ANIMAL TESTING, please. Please advise.