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A Stain Remover When You Need It

Author: Cara.B

Monday morning at work, reminiscing about my getaway weekend, I took my first sip of my coffee. I missed, spilling it down the front of my new sweater. Great, I thought, isn't Monday morning tough enough without a stain? I grabbed a bottle of Seventh Generation Natural Shower Cleaner and sprayed it on my coffee-stained front.

Why shower cleaner, you ask? Since we discontinued our dedicated stain remover, we've received many requests to return the beloved product to the shelves. But here's a secret straight from our R&D department: Seventh Generation's Natural Shower Cleaner uses many of the same ingredients and is a fantastic stain fighter!

A minute after I sprayed it on my sweater, the coffee stain was gone! Give it a try and let us know what you think.