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A Stain Remover When You Need It

Author: Cara.B

Monday morning at work, reminiscing about my getaway weekend, I took my first sip of my coffee. I missed, spilling it down the front of my new sweater. Great, I thought, isn't Monday morning tough enough without a stain? I grabbed a bottle of Seventh Generation Natural Shower Cleaner and sprayed it on my coffee-stained front.

Why shower cleaner, you ask? Since we discontinued our dedicated stain remover, we've received many requests to return the beloved product to the shelves. But here's a secret straight from our R&D department: Seventh Generation's Natural Shower Cleaner uses many of the same ingredients and is a fantastic stain fighter!

A minute after I sprayed it on my sweater, the coffee stain was gone! Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Linda Napier picture
Linda Napier
As of today, I've used the last squirt of the amazing stain remover on my carpet. I purchased at least 6 bottles maybe more sometime ago when it was on sale at my local grocery store. I didn't know the product has been discontinued but would like to request Seventh Generation make strong consideration to put this product back into production. If it is similar to the shower cleaner than just change the label and everybody will be happy. I love your entire line of products and feel like by using them, I'm creating a healthier environment for my family and the world. Keep up the great work at Seventh Generation but please consider bring the Spot Remover back. I'll be the first in line to purchase. Have a great day!
Aradiaseven picture
Hey haslerhaus, It works great to rub a thick layer of chalk on grease stains, I use plain white school chalk, before spraying with Seventh Generation Stain Remover. It even worked on old, set in grease stains. Better late than never.
dblack picture
I use free and clear on my laundry. Here's what I do. Drizzle a small amount directly onto the stain/spot. Rub in gently with your fingertip or brush with an old toothbrush. Let sit for awhile, then toss into laundry. This works for me on most stains, very good on grease, and even on things that have gone through washing and drier - sometimes need to do it a second time. Great on food stains, and especially on cloth napkins and kids clothes.
Doria picture
Sorry, but with a cat with a very sensitive stomach, I used the former carpet cleaner for years and years with great success and was in a panic when it was discontinued...nothing compared! A rep at the company said to use the shower cleaner, so i did. Initially seemed to do a fine job and I was relieved, but over time all of the areas where I've used it have attracted dirt and the stains are awful. I have a silver gray carpet with lots of brownish areas now, and it looks awful. I'm so disappointed and at a loss as to what to do next! Not only do I have to have the entire carpet professionally cleaned now, but I still don't have a good stain remover to use any more. Please bring back the carpet cleaner, maybe disguised as a Pet Stain Remover, which will sell like crazy!
haslerhaus picture
I use 7th gen free and clear in my laundry but it doesn't work very well on grease stains. does the shower cleaner work on grease stains, can you spray it on and let it dry before you wash it and would you caution against using it on whites or colors? thanks so much!
Cara.B picture
You can definitely use our Natural Shower Cleaner as a substitute for the Carpet Spot & Stain Remover on your carpet. I know you will be pleased with the results! Let us know what you think. Cara
Chevy85049 picture
Hi Cara, Could this product be used on carpet as well? I found your Carpet Spot Stain Remover just in time for it to be discontinued and have struggled to find a product that worked as well. Thanks! Alison