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Spreading the Meme at Deringer

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Author: the Inkslinger

One of our corporate responsibility goals is to “green” our supply chain. That means spreading our gospel of sustainability to all the other companies we work with so that they eventually become responsible businesses we can keep doing business with. It’s a big and important part of what we do but something you’re unlikely to hear much about because it happens “behind the scenes.”

The fact is that many of the companies in our supply chain are pretty traditional. They’re often not real tuned into environmental ideas and/or overly aware of or concerned about the impacts they’re creating. So we try to change that.

For example, we use a logistics company called Deringer to facilitate the shipment of our stuff from place to place. On Earth Day, we made a little video for them with the idea of turning them on to environmental action and kind of getting them stoked about making some changes. It worked! Here’s an e-mail Tara at Deringer shared with us today about some cool new ideas taking hold at the company:

Good Day,

I’m very excited to be coordinating the "Green Up Deringer" project... There are so many benefits for the company and also for our employees.

Over the past 10 months Deringer purchased 273.70 tons of paper and approximately 5.25 tons per week. By recycling every piece of that paper, Deringer would conserve:

  • 89.25 trees
  • 36,750 gallons of water
  • 2430.75 gallons of oil
  • 15.75 cubic yards of landfill space

These are per week figures for the entire company.

I know the information above was something that really made me think and want to take action! I’m looking for volunteers from each port to help implement and facilitate this new initiative that will bring a rewarding change. I believe this "campaign" will need to be implemented in phases so people are not overwhelmed.

My first step will be to setup a conference call to gather ideas and find out what is currently being done in our ports. If you are interested please talk with your Manager and they will contact me. You will be hearing more about this project as we move forward. I know that together we can reduce our impact on the environment and make a difference.

This is great stuff! And the best holiday gift we could have gotten. We love to see the green virus spreading. Thanks to Tara for sharing the good news and thanks to Deringer for daring to think differently.