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Author: the Inkslinger

Been a sleepy news week here at the Enviro Desk. Not a lot going on. I suspect all eco-eyes have been on the climate crisis talks in Bali, where at last report a few hours ago, talks had extended past the deadline and hope remained for some kind of meaningful carbon reduction agreement. That and as we draw closer to Christmas things really start to quiet down. So the combination has created a perfect storm of nothingness on the wires

Still there are a couple of things worth noting as we close out the week….

Bisphenol-A is back in the news (again) with word that Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada’s biggest outdoor gear retailer,
is banning polycarbonate water bottles because they leach this hormone-disrupting chemical quite easily. We seem to be reaching some kind of a tipping point on BPA. The issue is popping up on all kinds of mainstream news sources these days. Even our own local paper has a story about it today in which they speak to our own Dawn Leuschner about the problem.

Speaking of media appearances... Our stuff had another big one on the Today show in a segment on cool green gifts, which featured our new
Living Home Starter Kit.

A new Gao report says the White House pressured the EPA to gut the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), the invaluable national program that requires polluters to detail how much of which toxins they release each year into our air, water, and soil. Used to be you didn’t have to file a TRI report unless you emitted more than 500 pounds of crap. Now the threshold has been raised to 5,000 lbs. and companies are newly allowed to omit all kinds of previously mandated information. 12 states are already suing. As well they should because the TRI has been a critical tool for communities and activists and anyone who wants to know what the big factory on the edge of town is doing to their health. This move by the EPA is a giant step backward to a more ignorant and dangerous age. It needs to be reversed quickly and the TRI restored to its former self.

That’s about it from here for now. Let’s say that no news is good news and enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts!