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Shhhh... Hear that?

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Author: the Inkslinger

Our scent guru, Eva-Marie passed along this link to Just-a-Minute, an organization encouraging us all to take just a minute here and there to quiet our minds and let peace and stillness rush in as a way to maybe get some of it to rub off on the world.

It’s feels so true to me that peacefulness is rapidly becoming an extinct quality. The general pace of human existence, at least here in America, just seems to get more maddening every year, the noise and static that much louder, the collective blood pressure that much higher. We’ve all but lost the ability to sit still and just be. Empty. Unexpectant.

Yet those moments where we’re quiet inside let us get to the marrow of life and self. They’re the door that leads to the reflection and reflection leads to wisdom. Without peace, without silence, without emptiness where the mind can breathe deep, we’re just reactionary vessels bouncing around a chaotic world like so many pinballs in play. We lack meaning because meaning occurs in the mind and it needs some room, some time, some peace in which to grow. It need those precious idle minutes where we drain the stormy seas of the physical realm away and float into the infinite that’s waiting inside each of us.

Then we get to the truth of things. Then we get to meaning. And we come to understanding. And I wonder how different the world would be if people placed a priority on that once in awhile instead of always running and rushing and doing and going. Mightn’t we find ourselves with different values? Wouldn’t we come to finally see the sanctity of nature? Mightn’t we respect it a bit more? And end our war against it?

I think we would. Because I think to want to save the tree you have to know what gifts it brings. To want to keep the frog and the pond it lives in you have to hear the music that they make together. But these things are subtle. They’re soft and quiet, and we have to be quiet ourselves to find them. But when we are and when we do, we can finally reach the place of deep wisdom the earth needs us to find. Because conservation without wisdom will only ever save tokens and symbols. But with that force behind it, it will save the fabric of life itself.

We just gotta be still and listen for the silence.