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Seventh Generation Welcomes the Newest Additions to its Laundry Care Family

Author: Seventh Generation

Hold on to your front loaders! Thanks to three new earth-friendly additives and a laundry detergent that has everyone talking, Seventh Generation now has a complete laundry care system ready to tackle even the toughest wash day challenges.  Meet the latest arrivals:

The Cleaning Powerhouse

If you haven't met the bottle that's revolutionizing laundry day, it's time you got to know our Natural 4X Laundry Detergent. The shell of our innovative, compostable 4X bottle is made entirely from recycled fiber, while the entire packaging system uses 66% less plastic than a typical 100 oz 2X laundry bottle -- but delivers the same number of loads!  You'll love the way the advanced, multi-enzyme formula tackles the toughest stains without the use of optical brighteners. Works great in cold water, too!


A Concentrated Soft

Many conventional fabric softeners coat clothes in agents made from animal-derived ingredients. Our improved and concentrated Natural Fabric Softener uses plant-derived ingredients and essential oils for a soft you can feel good about.

The Natural Stain Fighter

Our biodegradable Natural Laundry Stain Remover lets you spray away spots and spills with advanced triple enzymes and powerful plant-derived cleaning agents in a formula that's USDA Certified Biobased 97%. And for super tough stains in the laundry room and beyond, Natural Oxy Stain Remover uses powerful oxygen bleach to brighten and whiten.



Look for Natural 4X Laundry Detergent at natural and grocery food retailers from coast to coast.  You'll find our concentrated fabric softener and stain fighters on our online store and coming soon to retailers around the country.


alittlelove picture
Seriously, this many people complaining about coupons? I use coupons too, but not having a $1 coupon isn't going to deter me. You guys DO realize that coupons cost 7th Gen, right? Heck, think about all those $0.08 handling fees that go in addition to each, say, $1 coupon. That add ups! I'd rather see no coupons than prices go up to compensate for coupons! Anyways, glad to see the new packaging rolling out to stores here- many items have been out lately (I guess they were waiting for new shipments or something). I missed my fabric softener!
sanda picture
Read the response from the Consumer Insight Team. Apparently, they just DO NOT CARE that we do not want the rewards program---no matter how fancied-up they're striving to make it's appeal !
judym314 picture
You're really need coupons now. Check out the size of the packaging. Last weekend I bought the spray cleaner I usually buy and it was 6 oz. less!!!
gyorgyike picture
I agree about the coupon issue! Please start giving out coupons so we can purchase the products which are expensive otherwise! We dont need the current reward program! Thanks.
MisellieJ picture
What happened to the coupons? Your products are expensive and I need a little help. The coupons helped.
trisharoo picture
You have a problem with listening to or interacting with your customers. I sent i don't know how many requests for better packaging now you'll finally done it, but I never got any response to my questions. Now the coupon issue. Take note 7th Generation, your products are good but there is competition now. You are about to lose some faithful customers if you don't listen to them. I'm one. I've already found viable alternatives to 7th Gen products and they are often less expensive and just as good if not better.
smgreene257 picture
I use coupons. I do not have time for rewards programs. Love your products and buy more when there are coupons or discounts from the stores.
mattshel picture
As per your post on 2/10: please do your company a favor and actually read these posts! it's the consumers that keep you in business and it is clear as consumers that we don't want the rewards program, it's basically not a good idea. Please bring back the coupons!! I love your products and I am thankful that we have other options than harmful detergents, but if they are not reasonably priced, I have no problem finding another product that fits my needs and my budget.
amanda77kr picture
Recently I was offered the opportunity to enter a contest to win "all natural" cleaners for 5 years...and my first thought was, I ain't giving up my 7Gen cleaners. They asked me about the ways I use bleach and didn't believe me when I said we don't use bleach in our house (!!). I got three dogs that like to lick everything, and I don't want to poison them. I slice and dice directly on the counter; better be safely sanitized. Even your cleaning tips are helpful...old toothbrushes get repurposed into tiny scrubbers. So for that, thank you Seventh Generation! So that being said...what's all the hullabaloo about coupons and rewards? I figured out a long time ago which products are cheaper to buy on Amazon and which are cheaper coming from 7Gen's website...and both options are WAY more inexpensive than purchasing in a store. I like online shopping during my lunch break...saves me like 90 minutes of driving and wandering around the store. Folks complaining that they won't buy your products unless you give them a dollar off? Find a better cause to rant about, people!! Either pay four dollars for a detergent that will damage your clothes and taint your health, or pay six for one that just cleans safely. Ever hear the old adage you get what you pay for?
Jion picture
I echo everyone else's feelings on the coupons being my ONLY choice for savings - I too have NO desire to mess with a rewards program. I like to find the coupons in my store attached to your products and/or being able to print a coupon online. Please, just bring back coupons!
Roosterhead picture
Although I really love using Seventh Generation products, your rewards program is totally useless to me. Too many restrictions, rules, etc. Just send us the coupons; most people today do not have the time for this stuff. I, for one, originally tried to use the rewards program and then gave up. Just give us the coupons or you'll see a drop in sales.
ninjaskills picture
I agree with what a lot of people have said. Too many restrictions on all the rewards. Please bring back some coupons. I love your products but it is hard to go buy them when some other semi-natural ones have decent coupons. Makes the price seem a lot higher and hard with several kids.
siriradha picture
I am through with jumping through hoops to get a reward. Money is tight, I'm on a fixed income, and (like just about everyone else) I've got to cut back on spending. Either cut us a break on price or compete for our money by issuing coupons. If not, I'll just have to quit buying 7th Gen.
K A Tassone picture
K A Tassone
AGREE! So glad someone brought this to the table! Without coupons, I just delete the email without reading it. Forget the rewards program!
hedgewitch3 picture
I've been an avid 7th Gen purchaser for years after making the conscienous decision to purchase healthier choices even if a bit higher in price. I have to admit I was excited when the rewards program started ...but that excitement faded fast when I found so many "restrictions" involved. Being on a very limited income doesn't help matters either. In recent months, I've stood at the shelves debating the use of another product simply based on cost. One other product that comes close to 7th Gen was a near winner for my dish washing liquid as I had a coupon for that product - however, cost even with the coupon at this particular store made it equal to 7th Gen so I stuck with the brand I trust most. I switched years ago to 7th Gen for my laundry and never looked back! My only disappointment over the years was seeing the old citrus scent (then in powder formula) disappear. I've learned to love the free & clear and every now and then will add a bit of organic essential oil of orange or lemon if I want a bit of scent. I read one of your "hints" about using the tub & tile cleaner as a spot and stain remover and tried it with happy results. I'm excited to see a "real" spot/stain remover product in your new line-up but probably won't be so anxious to try it unless the pricing is absolutely great or I find a coupon. I have a small animal rescue - hedgehogs to be exact - and do some public educational and fund raising events. I never travel with my "road crew" without 7th Gen baby wipes on hand - for tidying up the hedgies and to offer to folks who want to pet them - protection both ways! When coupons were stopped, my costs of operation rose accordingly. Those pennies add up and are important to a small in-home operation like myself. I keep constant watch at the two stores I frequent most for sales. I love your laundry detergent so much that I have offered to supply a bottle for participants at our pet hedgehog shows to use to launder their pet supplies or personal clothing while attending. I also use the baby wipes during the show for the judges and participants. I've had no complaints of the products and who knows how many others I've "converted" to using them. I've often thought if coupons were available they could be included in the show program package and folks would be prone to continue the good habit once back home. Like some others, I like to stock up when a sale comes round but this is not often nor always at a time when I have the funds to stock up. Coupons are by far the better choice!!
belfinch picture
I also love coupons----several of my daughters also like 7-gen and they miss the coupons too. The coupon makes it easier to afford these expensive products.
Bethali picture
I agree with everyone else. The rewards program STINKS and I want coupons too.
autumnshades01 picture
I agree with the whole coupon discussion going on here. I find it very hard to afford your products without coupons. I was glad when they were available because it means that I can buy all the things I need especially now that we have a new baby.
lindapost50 picture
I too like coupons but since they are hard to find,what I do now and couldn't always afford to do is stock up on sales on 7th Gen products. I tend to stock up on as much as I can afford. Also when I travel I stop at Target to see what they have to offer it is nice that they carry 7thGen products. I haven't looked in awhile but I think you save a bit getting it there. But here in Vt I find deals at Healthy Living and the Co-Op downtown several times a year. I am a harsh critic on laundry products but I find the 7thGen products do a good job.
wig4usc picture
Sorry for the jumbled last sentence, I was trying to say that the consumer tide is moving toward 7G's philosophy. If it wasn't, then there wouldn't be as many options out there. There wasn't 8 years ago when I started paying attention and made a change!
wig4usc picture
I made a decision a few years ago, once my eyes were opened about conventional cleaners and detergents, to make a switch. Coupon or not, when I can find 7thGen, I'll purchase it, even if its a couple dollars more. Coupons are great, if they're handy and easy to print. I'm not buying laundry detergent on-line, though, so if rewards require I order through the site, I guess I won't be a heavy hitter there! But if some of you out there think there's better stuff that's more expensive, go for it. If you do the research, you'll find they're not as focused on being eco-friendly and omitting the chemicals and agents some of us are trying to avoid. Thanks, 7G, for being on the forefront of this movement. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then I'm sure you know how much people appreciate what you're doing and see the consider tide of opinion is rolling your way!
Jennylynn75 picture
I was also disappointed to see the coupons dwindle. I have a large family and saving money on what I buy is important. I contacted Seventh Generation and they explained the coupons were killing them. I personally will pay an extra $1 or $2 to protect my family from harmful chemicals and I will support Seventh Generation in protecting our beautiful planet. I'm sure it depends where you live and shop, but for me Seventh Generation costs about the same as other name brands. I would much rather they get rid of the coupons than raise the prices or go out of business. Ugh, some of those comments are just ridiculous!
SmileyAnn picture
I have to agree with the ladies above, I too am looking for the coupons which makes a good product even better since the coupons save you money on these products. I have no intention of reading the rewards program let alone becoming involved in it. Please bring back the coupons.
Auntie Green picture
Auntie Green
I'll add my voice to this. The coupons make it easier to decide between Seventh Generation and all other natural brands. It's too bad they're gone. Especially since I use so many S.G. products and am running low on them.
jenn5179 picture
I agree, I have no interest in rewards program - I do have an interest in getting coupons for your products.
janefrances picture
No coupons, no purchase your products... Dump the rewards program... a huge annoying nuisance that will not succeed, as today's consumers are much too busy to mess with anything more than printing coupons!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@psheridan1- Thanks for your feedback, we like to hear it. We are currently in the process of re-evaluating the role of coupons at our company. Overwhelming requests for coupons have given us cause to do just this. Because of this, at the moment, there are none available. This doesn't mean that there will never be coupons again, but that they just are not available right now. We are also currently working to expand our Rewards program. This is a program for our customers to interact with our company, and receive points towards rewards for doing so. In this loyalty program, you earn points for doing certain activities online such as watching quick videos and reading articles. Eventually when you buy our products, we will have codes that can be entered for faster point earnings. It is not running up to its full potential at this time, but we are working hard to make it more robust, user friendly, and generally fun (which it will be soon enough!). Thanks for your patience throughout these changes. picture
I will not purchase your products unless you continue wwith the coupons, it is very expensive, i like it but not without a coupon, too much better stuff out there that i can deal with.