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Seventh Generation Names PepsiCo/Quaker Oats Veteran as CEO

Author: robin

Chuck ManiscalcoSeventh Generation, the nation's leading brand of non-toxic and environmentally safe household products, today announced the appointment of Chuck Maniscalco, former President and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo's Quaker Tropicana Gatorade business, to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Seventh Generation co-founder Jeffrey Hollender will become Executive Chairperson -- as well as retain his title as "Chief Inspired Protagonist" -- and devote his full time and effort to advocating for corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability.

To read Jeffrey's blog post about his new role, click here.

To read Chuck's inaugural blog post, click here.


kara71 picture
I don't think that these posts are reflective of bitterness - I think they are reflective of (1) the connection we have as consumers of great products from a great company (2) the reality of our country's business culture. I think that many of the posts have said good luck or welcome, yet at the same time, have expressed some reserves and a "see how things go" attitude toward the new leadership and where it takes this company. I don't think it is necessary to chide or lecture those who want to share their honest comments that have been, in general, respectful. I think it is important that 7Gen is aware of those who aren't initially on board with this appointment. Just because I express my opinion does not mean that I wish failure on this company or this new CEO. Quite the opposite actually. Additionally, it does not mean that I am someone who is a "leftie" spewing hate or being angry. It also does not mean that I don't give thanks everyday for how lucky I am to have the time to be concerned about a company's CEO pick. I think this forum is for expressing an opinion - whether we all agree on the opinions expressed, well that is something entirely different.
dagny22 picture
It amazes the amount of vitriol and bitterness that is being spewed because this new CEO comes from Pepsi. It is so narrow minded to assume that everyone working for big business falls into the stereotype of the evil greedy corporate titan. Maybe give him a chance before assuming he is a bad fit. I find it so sad that my friends on the left tend to be the most judgemental and angry people I know. The world isn't that bad and we should be thankful every day for the lives we are allowed to lead. Or that we can even take the time to worry whether our products are "green" since our needs for food, clothing and shelter are all so easy to meet.
MamaDodie picture
You know ... I kind of "felt" this coming. I've noticed the ever increasing "new" product lines being invented by Seventh Generation. Most are absolutely unnecessary. All are overpriced. There's a whole new niche market of "green" shoppers being raised by corporate greed these days. They are a group of people who care more about "looking" good than doing good. Seventh Generation makes it possible for them to grab fashionably "good" products off the shelf at the supermarket without thinking, reading the ingredients, or putting any mental effort into their purchases. It's the same old same old. Just like the monster conglomerate which had doctors and nurses telling new moms they should only use it's line of baby products because they were the best. The consumer believed in her trusted doctor, and paid a premium for products containing petro-chemicals. Recent studies showing that these products have detrimental hormonal side-effects on those children have been buried and research halted. I'm not accusing Seventh Generation of putting bad things in their products. I'm saying watch out for "feel good" marketing. And marketing seems to be Mr. Pepsi/Quaker's strong suit. Take a minute to learn how to use baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, washing powder, and more to keep your home, body, kids, and clothing clean. True greenies don't just buy boxes.
Dnwilkins picture
Or will this be another self-dealing story where directors and corporate executives constantly and outrageouly raise each others salaries to the point of having to lay off employees to give themselves bonuses while shafting the true owners...the many shareholders.. by not distributing and spreading the wealth of the company through dividends?!!! My family have trusted 7th gen for good and safe products for over 6 years....hopefully we will be able to continue to give you our trust.
Avani picture
Pepsi... Quaker... Oh No!! You have to make sure he does not ruin the QUALITY of my babies diapers!! We have enough toxic chemicals in everything else I would looove to be able to continue buying your products! So please please please please do not bring the bad ways of PEPSI and other giant corporations nasty habits into this company too.. The American People are sick and tired of being lied and poisoned to OKAY!
debenhoh picture
Friends, Have we, who consider ourselves to be part of a movement to live in a new way with all aspects of creation, become so self-righteous that we cannot welcome and include a new leader because of a past job that he held? If Seventh Generation is really the company it claims to be, and if it takes seriously the community it strives to offer to its employees and customers, then we (all of us members of the community) are called to welcome Mr. Maniscalco into that community. If Seventh Generation is what it says it is, then Mr. Maniscalco cannot help but be changed by it - assuming he needs to be changed in the first place. After spending the last 20 years in leadership work with non-profits, with my own foundation in spirituality and art, I now do leadership in the corporate world. And I must tell you that there is no shortage of leaders in the corporate world who are just waiting for a chance to be part of something real and important and authentic. Let's give Mr. Maniscalco a chance to be who he is and to be changed and touched by who we are. Of course, we should watch closely - but that would be true no matter who was named to this position. Let us treat those who come to us with the same respect and openness that we want to see in the world. Peace, Dave Ebenhoh P.S. And, who knows, maybe Mr. Maniscalco can fix the pricing on the new website so I shop here and not at Amazon.
LabLover picture
To the lovers of Seventh Generation (and count me as one as well): I am a current PepsiCo employee and worked closely with Chuck in Chicago. Believe me when I say that I think Chuck will lead this team with authenticity, humility and always, always stay true to the brand. I think he will surprise you in wonderful ways. If I could, I would follow him wherever he worked. He's the most amazing CEO I've ever worked with in my entire life. He just fits with this brand.
kirkwood picture
I love Seventh Generation, and I'm also a former employee of the Quaker Oats Company where Chuck worked for many years before PepsiCo bought the company. I'm thrilled by the news that Chuck will be leading the company. He is a man of remarkable skill and personal integrity. I'm excited to see what he can bring to the green table.
Julio C. Roa picture
Julio C. Roa
I am very surprise by the announcement of the new CEO of Seventh Generation. I always have admire Seventh Generation for the products and their integrity. I am sure that he is great guy and he has the skills to skyrocket the sales of seventh generation, however every time I will walk on the stores by the aisles of cleaning products I will think of Seventh Generation totally different, perhaps I will never buy again a product from them. I am sure there are lots of people out there that could have been chosen, maybe not with the same skills, but with a much greener past.
staceyg picture
Congratulations to Chuck for jumping the corporate ship over to Seventh Generation. My fellow loyal consumers of Seventh Generation products hope you have what it takes to lead this special company to increased success. Success not of the type you experienced in your previous corporate employment. Success that speaks to our planet's health and not solely to the health of the corporation. May we all enjoy great success with you as the new leader of Seventh Generation.
bleusky picture
Upon reviewing Mr. Maniscalco's web site, there's no doubt he has what is takes. Looking forward to experiencing this new chapter of Seventh Gen. Welcome to Burlington, Chuck!
jbduffy10 picture
Over the years, I have developed a deep mistrust of most conventional companies and products. Just about everything that was once considered a "good idea" in food science is coming back to bite us in the ... And these interesting ideas in processed food products have primarily been brought to us by giant food company conglomerates such as Pepsi/Quaker Oats. I have always been loyal to the 7th generation brand, but like the previous post, I will keep my eyes open to see how this unfolds and to see if 7th Generation stays true to its original mission.
kara71 picture
I just read about Mr. Maniscalco's prior business experience and have to be honest - it is concerning that Seventh Generation would hire someone from Pepsico/Quaker Oats. Pepisco/Quaker Oats have little to no experience in social responsibility or eco-friendly products. Instead they appeared to have "jumped on the bandwagon" when it started to look like organic and "natural" products were a money making product line. While I am sure he is very successful at marketing and increasing sales, I am disheartened that there was not a similiarly capable individual with roots in holistic/pro-environment business who was not hired. I will be watching this new development within your company and determining where I spend my consumer dollars based on what happens. Best of luck to Seventh Generation in this new chapter.
jessicat picture
Congratulations to Chuck Maniscalco and to Jeffrey Hollender as CIP.