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Seventh Generation Launches Interactive Corporate Consciousness Report

Author: Seventh Generation

The Seventh Generation 2011 Corporate Consciousness Report is ready and you’re invited to take a deep dive into the latest data on our sustainability efforts.  We put our brains where our hearts are on this one and built the entire report as an interactive infograph.  The new approach trades text-heavy pages for a colorful online collage that lets you click your way through our progress  toward key social and environmental goals.


Like the format itself, the data has quite a story to tell about our ongoing evolution and dedication to conserving both environmental and human capital. Among the many highlights detailed are an 8% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions per ton of product and 14% decrease in virgin plastic use. We also introduced dozens of products in new 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and had 68 products certified by the USDA's new BioPreferred program.


We also made some huge strides on the human side of the equation. Among the many accomplishments in 2011 we helped employees purchase eight hybrid cars and five solar energy systems, and provided 1,143 paid hours of volunteer service to the community.


"Our 2011 report shows that we're closing in on objectives that were seen as impossibilities just a few years ago," says Seventh Generation Corporate Consciousness Manager, Ashley Orgain. "We're not stopping here as we are already working on the next chapter -- our vision for the next decade. In the report you'll find our 2020 Vision goals that are designed to engage a broad group of stakeholders across our business and our industry. We're looking forward to the journey to 2020."


To interact with the new 2011 Seventh Generation Sustainability Report, visit